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State on brink of losing its treasures



As a relative newcomer to this great state, I urge Florida legislators and local lawmakers alike to immediately and deeply study the plight of inland waterways. Clearly, Florida is at an historic crossroads: either it can address this crisis now, before it is irreversible, or lose one of the world's true treasures....

...Incredibly, airboats with extreme decibel levels are allowed to disrupt the quiet natural settings -- waking, too, those who live nearby -- while jet skis spew not only noise but petroleum pollution (several times a normal boat). If you took a survey of those who want airboats banned, you would be stunned: I am willing to gamble the percentage would exceed 90 percent. Why should a single airboat that can be heard for more than a mile ruin the experience for dozens of others?...

Full story: http://www.news-journalonline.com/NewsJournalOnline/Opinion/Editorials/opnOPN43092107.htm
I say ban all use of fertilizers and irrigation on all residential, and recreational purposes first. Homes, golf courses, parks, ect.

Then ban the use of all plastic packaging materials. Specifically kayak shaped packages, containing bunny huggers.

If they git that done, then we can begin discussing what should happen on our waterways, like banning any commercial or residential development with buffer zones buffering.

A buffer "miles wide" sound like a good measurement to me.
I am glad to know we have groups to fight people like this. I do recycle and particpate in clean ups. But this tree hugger is going too far. I wonder if his house is 100% solar powered and he has no car in his garage. Instead of turning Florida into California, why don't they just move to California? My family has 6 or maybe 7 Generations of Florida crackers who grew up airboating these waterways. These people move down here and try to impose their ideas to stop or limit our constitutional rights.. :twisted: :evil: I sure would like to see this person face to face to tell them what I think!
He should be more worried about the 25 sex offenders that live in his neigborhood

81 Sex offenders within a few miles of his house!
Why should a kayaker who is a relative newcomer to the state ruin the experiences of thousands of others who have been here long before his bunny huggin ass!Maybe he needs to build himself a bio-dome and stay in it. :twisted:
"State on brink of losing its treasures"

This is true!

However the cause is not the native Floridians and their customary uses of the land and waterways!

The real cause is overpopulation...caused mainly by very destructive, non-native species (I.E. tourists that decide to stay)!

They come here ...see our way of life...like what they see...move here and begin a lifelong quest to change it to the crappy way of life they are accustomed too!

These people are what really needs to be controlled!! (eradicated would be my preference)
This guy does this for a profession. He finds a cause, jumps on the bandwagon and whatever his reward is...
Man is arrogant when we think we effect mother nature that much. How many environmentalists know one of the largest C02 producers on earth is natural. I have read one fault fracture at Yosemite national park omits more C02 then the automobiles in the US! Just like all this global warming these idiots they derive any result they want without using science. Think about it global warming according to all these idiots caused all the hurricanes a few years back. Well with that mindset you could also say global warming has caused us not to have any hurricanes in the last two years! Somewhere I heard someone say. If there is so much oil in Alaska that means at one time there was no ice on it. Global warming my ass! These idiots have no idea how to use science or logic to verify a result!
I believe everyone should clean up there own trash and that problem isn't with airboaters or jet skis form what I have seen. This guy is a idiot not only are airboats the most environmentally friendly ATV there is they are among the best in helping keep the environment clean for debris left by touring kayaks and bass boat.
I notice on this posting there was no where to reply with a comment like other article have you think maybe he knows he's a jerk
Your so right I believe most airboaters understand and respect nature and the law of nature more then about anybody else! Most environmentalists have a warped idea of peace in the wild. Like that idiot grizzly man when he started crying because a bear ate a male cub. Hello that's natural you idiot. I believe the most environmentalist thing to do is curb development and growth especially near sensitive areas which ironically is where most environmentalists live. I say this all the time no where in Florida can you go and find the wild exactly as it was in the 1920's, 1800's 1700's accept places you can only get to in an airboat. Airboats have effected Floridas natural environment less then anything else. Now look anywhere a house is that house destroyed the environment around it nothing will ever live where that house is again! Florida's rampant growth and development has destroyed the natural environment it's gone and gone forever. Now where ever I go riding in my airboat everything is exactly as it was 200 years ago. So go stick it up your A@@ YANKEE!
This guy is a mental moor on , the first thing he and everybody else should do is go back to where they came from, I agree with cowboy get rid of the fertilizer overflow from golf courses and other types of irrigation systems stop pumping raw sewage into our waterways they've been doin it since the mid 60's that I know of especially in So. Fl. and put a building moritoriam in play that will keep these ass----- out of here, bottom line if you don't like airboats or jet skis don't live on the river or the lake
Rich Andrews":11ybkbr5 said:
That guy needs a BEER......sounds like he would be happy if nobody left the house on weekends.

Hell Rich hes probably one of those guys who has glasses a 1/2"thick and wears a pocket protector
Airboatcapt2":179sikuc said:
He should be more worried about the 25 sex offenders that live in his neigborhood

81 Sex offenders within a few miles of his house!

why should he worry about that they aernt hurting his little environment JUST LITTLE BOYS AND GIRLS :evil: :evil: :evil: :twisted:
Good post cont520 these people have lost their minds! Man what outdoor activity will be legal in 20 years! ANSWER NONE!
i just got back from 8 day trip to callyfornia as arnold calls it an the termanater is probaly the only normal human in the whole state, im telling you we cant let these radical thinking bastards get a leg up in this state because they will ruin it for every sportsman not just us, these folks like this mister brown are very detremental to the way of life handed down by are fathers, somebody smarter than me needs to write a rebuttal to this mans poison pen.
When he says 90% of the people. He must mean 90% of the people he knows.

CAUSE I haven't ever met anyone ( including yankees) that don't like airboats.
Dear Mr Micheal H. Brown

Some of things you stated in your article are very true and some are pure fiction.
Since you are a new comer i would like to point out that you and the thousand of bastar#'s ,like you, that are re locating to Florida are causing great harm to the state and the delicate environment. Florida is a very unique place and it best left as rural pastures and desolate swamp and marsh land. Just think if you knocked your home down and stopped using the preciouss water you could decrease the burded you have created. When you leave and go back to where you came from please take a few of your buddies with you. Don't worry about us any longer, we will protect the rivers and marshes as we patrol in our airboats.

Plum, that the best I could do at this time. I have to think about it a little Longer. :D
Hey Plum, Here is your rebuttal, sent to the Daytona News Journal earlier today. Let's see if it is printed.
WaterLizard 8)

Re: "State on brink of losing its treasures"
Friday, September 21, 2007

Editor Daytona News Journal:

I read with interest Michael Brown's column "State on brink of losing its treasures," Friday, September 21, 2007 and I fully agree with his premise; however, not from the same perspective.

Unlike Michael Brown, I am not a "relative new comer to this great state." I have resided in Florida all of my life and my ancestry in this state can be tracked back to the early 1800's. My family homesteaded what is now known as the Kennedy Space Center, established the first orange grove in Florida, fought the Caloosa and Seminole Indians and developed a commercial trade route between Merriit Island/Titusville, St. Augustine and Boston.

Yes, Florida is on the brink of losing its treasures, but not due to the causes stated in his column. Rather, the loss is due to uncontrolled growth and increasing encroachment by developers into our wildlands and wetlands. With increase development and population comes congestion and pollution.

I particularly resent Mr. Brown's attack on airboats. Airboats have been a cultural way of life for native Floridians since the invention of the internal combustion engine. Airboats have provided native Floridians with a means of making a living, feeding their families, providing a means of transportation through the otherwise impassable marshes, swamps and wetlands and have allowed them a method of recreation largely unknown to recent arrivals from the North.

In addition, airboats provide a much needed resource of search and rescue when canoeists, kayakers and boaters get lost and stranded in otherwise inaccessible waterways. In 1972, at the crash sire of Eastern Airlines Flight 401, in the Florida Everglades, it was a civilian airboater who was first on the scene to render aid and direct later arriving Coast Guard helicopter to the crash site. In 1997, it was airboats that were used to access and work the ValuJet crash site for weeks.

During the flooding of New Orleans, it was airboats that rescued literally thousands of people stranded by the rising toxic flood waters. It was 30 airboats, from Florida, that evacuated 3,000 patients and medical staff members from four downtown New Orleans hospitals, within 36 hours. More recently, all one has to do is look at the front pages of Minnesota newspapers and view the live footage of Oklahoma and Minnesota TV stations to see how airboats once again rescued flood victims from their rooftops.

Mr. Brown may have considered the sound produced by the few airboats that he heard, while recreating in the same outdoors that native Floridian airboaters have recreated in for generations, a disturbance; but, I can assure you that the people of New Orleans, Oklahoma and Minnesota considered that same sound a gift from God.

In addition, I a certain that Mr. Brown is unaware of the vast tonnage of waterborne trash and debris that is collected annually by airboat clubs and associations across the State. There is no other single user group that engages in more waterway and crab trap cleanups than do airboat clubs and associations.

Florida is truly at its greatest crossroads and it is going to require a balancing of old Florida culture with the manicured landscapes of golf courses, cookie-cutter subdivisions and high rise developments and those who reside within.

Florida has a rich heritage and a strong outdoor southern culture, neither of which should be jeopardized to satisfy the whining's of newcomers to the State.

The following are the email address to direct your own letter regarding Michael Brown's editoral column:
Editor: David Wiggins, david.wiggins@news-jrnl.com
Associate Editor: Kay Semion, kay.semion@news-jrnl.com,
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