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Silent Prop
R. I. P.
I was going to put this in the "on the Hill" thread but it is more for out where its dark and wet.

Been wantin to hear bout strange lights, figures, creatures, sounds etc. that have been seen out away from refined civilization.

I have seen lights that move, I have seen stacked lights, I have seen lighs that mover faster than any thing on earth I know of out on the marshes.

There is a weed that grows near land or just on land at the border of water that for all the world smells like a pot of coffee brewing. Still havent seen the weed but on certain nights it will make ya think your about ta run up on someone out ther sitting blacked out.

I have seen wake waves rilling in but no boat has passed in like an hour.

I have heard children scream on the marsh late at night.

Seen glows and glimmers that are erie as hell.

While not exactly strange or unexplained, I have sat out there blacked out looking at the stars and seen satellites and the ISS (Space Station) floating by. I have seen a lot of jets at night, and loads of meteors becoming meteorites. I have also seen things move in the sky so fast then change directions at 90 degrees and zip on out of sight.

Never seen a Skunk monkey yet but have heard and smelled them so I have been told.

I had a guy come into camp one night and tell us there was a monster out there a mile away thrashing around in the bushes. He was ashen white and scared senseless. We got him to go back and show us and we found an ole cow and bull plodding around the weeds. He had seen the old bull topping that cow and figured it was a monster or something in the dim light or, knowing him, NO LIGHT.

Someone once said "the dead wont hurt ya, but they sure will make ya hurt yourself". Dont think I have ever seen a ghost or haint out there but maybe thats some of what I think I might have seen, maybe.

Things look different at night and still yet more different when were out there alone. I never run from anything, got better sense than that, but I have gingerly moved out of the way of things sometimes.

I have heard loud explosions just right over there........ eased all over the area and found nothing there, nothing at all. I spent all night when I was younger looking for the sonic boom of the Shuttle coming in to land at KSC. Knowing something blew up just oh 1/4 mile right over there.

There used to be an old train trestle that crossed the South St. Johns and I have heard an old steam train whistle blowing as it neared the old trestle. Never been within sight of the trestle when I heard this but always wanted to turn around and go check it out, it was just right back there.........

Who else has something to contribute. I know Cowboy must have seen his Bro out there one or two times unannounced or unexpectedly. :)

Scotty :coffee2: :coffee2: :director: :director: :dontknow:
Half way through a case beer, I monster or two I have seen in the night. Something about the moonlight shinin' thru the cypress trees with moss at night makes it all seem like somethings not right ... :shock:

Nah seriously , the only thing i ever seen that could'nt explain was a low light above a prairie that faded. Was it the skunkape's flashlight that went dead ? Who knows , no motor was heard.
Hey Scotty,
Here's the the skunkape story from Country:

Well the story still lives huh. The original bigfoot out in washington I believe was an admitted hoax by the family of the reported original sighter after his death.

Now the Florida version known as the Skunk Ape ... I lived in the glades for a couple of years right next to the fackahatchee strand. The woods were totally flooded as the drought had ended rather quickly around the 1st of june when a no name storm blew up off the gulf coast at naples. I was settling in for the night in one of the screen cabins I had out there. I have been in the woods all my life ever since I got out of diapers, my dad refused to change them so I had to wait, I know the sounds of most animals walkin including humans. I was lying on the bunk just relaxin enjoying what little breeze was movin when I heard someone walkin through the water towards my cabin. This was a little disturbing because I was miles from habitation and there was a bunch of patriots down there training to overthrow castro. They had always been friendly towards me but I thought aww man this is not good. I had my hand on my 357 and lying beside the bunk was my 12 ga, my ar-15, and a m1 with a bannna clip in it. Whatever it was managed to just stay far enough away that I couldn't make it out in the moon light and it would stop and go stop and go. I never made a sound and never moved just waiting for the right time to do what ever I was gonna do to it. It got around to the upwind side of my cabin and I wanted to quit breathing man it stunk. Whatever it was it made 3 circles around my cabin and then I could hear it going away.

What was it? I don't really know because I never could quite see it. I never saw any tracks in the 2 years I was out there and I looked for them. I was out there cutting lighter wood cowpen posts and heart cypress fence posts and harvesting orchids and anything else I could. It was a wonderful time in my life, no tv, no electricity, no running water and very few hassles. I sometimes long to do it again but that ranch is now panther habitat bought by the state of florida. I would go to town once a month rent me a condo and party down for a week then go back to the woods. I met the cuban patriots, the FBI, the DEA, the drug plane crews, The panther researchers, and several panthers that would set across from me at my fire when it was cold. I introduced myself to several alligators who were less than enthusiastic about meeting me.

but I never got to meet the skunk ape but I believe I was real close one time but will never know for sure. Thats my story and I'm stickin to it.

Here's my Skunkape Story Scotty:

I guess I was about 10 years old when I went on a hunting trip with my Dad and his Buddies in Area3. They were going to hunt off of the boats, after frogging all night. That was the plan, and we were camped on the interceptor canal levee.

So out we went to go frogging, and not 300 yards from the levee one of my Dads budds had a problem with his boat right away. Back to the levee we went. It was decided that his problem could not be fixed right then, and he decided that he was going to stay at camp.

It was cold and the fog was already really getting thick, so I told my old man that I wanted to stay at camp with his buddy. I wanted to do this cause he had a camper, and that looked better to me, than being frozen all night on the boat in the fog. The frogging trip turned into a feasco, but thats another story.

So off they went, and I went into the camper.

It could'nt have been 10 min, and my Dads buddy was sawing some serious logs. I could'nt get to sleep, cause we had tied our young dog near the fire, and it was whinning and whimpering like you could'nt believe. It just would not stop.

So I decided to go outside, and try to settle it down. I was stoking the fire back up, while the dog was about to knock me over trying to huddle up to me. I was wondering why the dog was acting so wierd. It was a foggy night, dead calm.

Then I heard a good size branch bust on the wooded side of the levee.
I looked over there, and could not see anything, I was getting a little scared, but convinced myself I was a big boy, and not to worry about it.

Then it happened again just a couple of just a short time later, cept this time it was a limb. It sounded like a baseball bat busting in half. That was it!

I decided in that moment that it was to far to get back to the camper, and I knew my Dads buddy would'nt let the dog in there anyway, so we hit the cab of my old man's truck, and locked the doors as fast as I could.

We spent the next couple of hours, hunkered down in the cab of the truck. Whatever it was climbing on the trailer, and I heard it reaching into the bed of the truck digging around in there, under the camper shell.. All of this was causeing the truck to shake around BIG TIME. I was freaking scared, and that dog just stayed down as far as it could. It was scared more than me. I was so scared, that I could'nt get the nerve up to look out the back window of the truck.

I kept hoping that the frogging party would come back in, but I knew they were loster than s--t house rats.

Finally for some reason my dads friend woke up. I had been hoping he might, but convinced myself that was not going to happen, cause of the size of the logs he was sawing before I left the camper.

I saw the light on the back of his camper come on, and he stuck his head out yelling" Cowboy, where you at!" The truck shook hard one more time, as IT evacuated the area. I started honking the horn, and he walked up to the drivers side window.

That dog went crazy! It hit the window hard, just going OFF when it saw him walk up. He almost fell over backwards from recoiling so hard.

Then he snatched me out of the cab, and scoulded me for leaving the camper. He demanded to know what I thought I was doing. I think he was already mad at the whole situation, and then the dog startled him so bad.

I told him what was going on, and that the skunk ape had me pinned down in the truck. He just said " Get back in the camper BOY, and don't get back out!" as he slung me by the shirt in the direction he wanted me to go.

I left the dog in the cab, and this time it took 11 min before he was snoring again. I stayed in the camper the rest of the night.

It was after sun up when the frogging expedition made it back to camp, and they were on me when I came outta the camper. " Skunk ape gotcha last night huh cowboy?! HA HA HA" " HA HA HA HA HA!!" " " Hey! Skunk ape got cowboy last night" HA HA HA HA! " Breaker 1-9!" " Cowboy saw a skunk ape!" HA HA HA HA!
" Hey Mr Game Warden, That's Cowboy over there on that boat, and he saw the skunk ape last night!" HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAA!

I was looking for tracks or something, but it was all shell rocked in the camp area. I just put up with the teasing for the next couple of months.

And yeah, it coulda been a bear, but...
It woulda had to be a big Alskan Brown to bust the size limb or pepper tree I heard bust!

Thats my story, and I'm sticking to it!

Let the teasing begin again, I don't care.

Like Country said elsewhere: " I believe "
Good story Cowboy,

You kept good company with ya' ,very wise thing to do when out on your own. Not so much so for critters but for bi-pedal beings.
Most state owned land prohibit carrying firearms off season , I somehow tend to overlook that one.
Here's my Brothers response to my story above:

What's about 10 years old, smells like smoke and dog, and has a little poop stain in it's pants?
Cowboy hiding from the Skunk Ape. HA HA HA HA

I was laughing so hard after reading that way back when, that I could'nt even type!

I hear ya Robert!
I failed to mention in the story that I had the old man's 9mm govt model out of the glove box the whole time... but I was still one sacred little kid I'll admit. I sure did'nt want to do battle with watever it was.

I like living in a world where theres Skunkapes!
Guess that why I still like to keep a Colt 45 acp near to me most all the time.
Ya never know!

Cowboy's right on track, ya'll believe what you want but I know. Got a buddy in Naples who swears the skunk ape crashed through the roof of their camp one night! Little to the west, (bout 3 miles) in Big Cypress from where Cowboy is describing.

Me....I've personally seen the mechanical compass on my SSN attack class sub go bonkers twice after leaving Charleston going through the Bermuda triangle :roll:

Don't believe me though, (born the day before halloween I was almost a spook myself) :D


Happy Birthday Basket! Sure enough.

Do some typing, and throw down your friends Story best you can remember it.

I'd sure like to hear that one!
This explains everything.........."There is a weed that grows near land or just on land at the border of water that for all the world smells like a pot