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Sunk Airboat Club - Members Only

Daddy Dave

Well-known member
Hey Guys and Gals,

Been a charter skipper for 37 years and the only boat I ever sunk was my son's airboat - just after he returned from combat as a Marine in Iraq.

How about a cool "Members Only" T shirt for those of us what has.....

No artistic talent here.
I sunk mine one time pulling another one that was sunk .but the first one that sunk went stright down and sat on the bottom and my buddy didn't even get his feet wet. me on the other hand pulled on his almost all the way to the grade and there is a canal next to the road and I pulled the corner under.It rolled over real slow about the time the prop started hitting the water I shut it off then jumped off and about the time the carb went under we fliped it up right hooked the truck to it and pulled it out and did the same for the other.

i think if designed properly, you could sell a whole lot of them.

by the way marshbunny, i ate a fair amount of a white root ( i believe it was cat tail-root, but could have been sawgrass root ) anyway alittle bland, not bad at all...ive had worse at restaurants.
Capt. Lizzard (Phil),

Good advice. Have followed it since that date. Cost me an engine and a hull.

Still, he tears 'em up faster than the fiberglass man can patch holes and replace stringers. Thinks it is a USMC AAV I believe.

My advice back to you is: Stop running over your dogs.

Daddy Dave