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Supercharged 480 dd carb questions.


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O.k. I finally got my sheet together after crook field stole my money. I've purchased a gso 480 and I'm taking the gear off and going dd. (Too much with gear Fer my gore boat) got my spool kit and currently in the process of building motor mounts Fer my stand so I can mount this thing and get it on the water. My question is and don't care, want to everything and anything about carbs and what fuel pump and why I need them. I want to run an edlebrock. Never been a fan of a holley but with guidance and reasons why I might just have to. Don't care bout fuel mileage. Got another boat Fer that. With that said, what fuel pump and what exact carb all yall running. I know what holley most guys run but why exactly. Any help would be very appreciated.


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call JD off 1-92 great guy and always willing to help.he's across from sams on 1-92.y all besafe :rebel: