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Swamp Cabbage


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Great video Jeff! I love to fry up some bacon, throw in some chopped onion, then cook the cabbage in with it! Simple, and tasty!


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JEFF, That was fantastic , and I was wishing I was there to eat with you. Your little girl was so cute and mannerly and I loved your place. Thanks, so much for providing me with this, you made an old mans day. : :toothy7: :old_glory:


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Sorry but it is a protected tree. Its Florida's state tree. google Florida protected trees
but that being said i eat the shat out of them not sure how labelle's swamp cabbage fest.get by with it but they have it every year :rebel: :proud:


it is a protected tree.
Never thought about that...I promise I ain't ate any since it became a protected tree :D

I reckon developers & native Americans get a pass on that law :scratch:



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R. I. P.
Just to be correct, the Sable Palm is NOT classified as a tree and any legislation that identifies it as such bears close scrutiny. ALL Palms are classified as a grass. Now, I have seen folks around here fined for not cutting their grass............,.,., Seems interesting to me. Grinn ! ! ! :stirpot: