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Talk to me About Sea Deck


I just had it
put on my boat and the first time out my puppy got caught on his leash and fell right in a big cow patty and got it all over the deck when I was trying to clean him up. The next day I washed it with car soap and water and you can't see any staining at all. So far so good!
I have it on my airboat and spend time on a number of bay boats with it as well. I changed the oil and got some on it last weekend and straight simply green and it came right out. Look on their site is says you can clean it with acetone. It’s is possible to cut/nick it with something shaped but otherwise it’s extremely durable.
Fair warning,
A used bought rigging that's never been cleaned......... with sea deck foot stands do not hold up to a zero degree pressure washer.
Not that most would let it get stained like a floor mat entering a ho house, but a good pressure washer will rip it to pieces.
A good friend of mine has sea deck. He is very meticulous about his boat keeps it completely covered and spotless. He doesn't run it much and already there are several abrasions on it. I have a camp in Micco land and hauling things in and out would be pretty rough on it. I'm also in the process of building a new boat. I was thinking about putting snap on carpet panels that can be removed washed and kept in the garage when not in use. I believe there was somebody that makes them I will have to search past post. Good luck with your decision.
Just wanted to put my 2 cents in, I took some yoga matts and glued them down on my boat, 30 bucks and everything is covered. If it tears up in a year I'm still about 1800 bucks ahead
Check out Blacktip jet sports. It's the material they use in jet ski floor boards. In expensive compared to sea deck, several options in color and design . It has a 3m adhesive backing. If I remember right a 40x70 sheet is $70
Try this guy for your deck material. I put it on my hunt boat 2 yrs ago and it’s holding up well. Alot cheaper than seadeck and looks good .
I and a friend both use a power washer to clean our sea dek, not point blank but maybe a foot or two away no problems, I don’t dwell on the edges just the mat itself. It sure is nice on the feet on blazing hot days
I have indoor/outdoor carpet glued down to the front deck. Been there 5+ years. No issues.
If you are dropping sharp oysters onto it, you will get gouges/punctures. If your dog(s) are jumping off and on it, you will get punctures and tears. If your dumbass fam or friends cut mullet chunks for bait on it with a knife, you will get angry....and cuts on it. I have used pressure washer and carwash brush on handle and they both do a good job of keeping it clean after a muddy waccassasa/shellmound day. Take care of it like anything else and it holds up
Yes Deuce i am referring to the hydro-turf. They reingineed it a couple of years ago . Put better uv stabilizers in it and a slighty harder ahell on it and it seems to hold up better than the old stuff . Just use 3M spray glue around the edges and it’s rock solid