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Tandem trailer VS Single axle

Tandem trailer or single

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Have a 14' GTO with a 500 Caddy. Trailer is a steel tandem. I'm looking to purchase a new aluminum trailer don't know if I should go Single or Tandem. Been told the single would do fine. Any comments[/b]
I am an aircraft engine lover, and the only one I know on a 14 footer is fine with a single axle. However, there is a seismic job running nearby. They have 17 boats so far. Most are 14 and 15 footers. Only one 350 and it is sitting on a single axle. There rest are 454s with powershift props 2 and 3 blades. I think about 5 or 6 of those are single axle and the rest on double axles.

I agree with Cracker, and if you can afford it, get the double tire jack stand. Can roll it in the gravel a lot easier than a single tire.
I was wanting to get a new trailer for my 14 ft and a double axle would tow better than a single both work just fine but it's preference 4 tires are better than 2

well when it comes time to pay the tolls two is better than four. I went to 8 ply rated tire son my single axle trailer just to be safer.
I have a 16' GTO and have a B&S aluminum tandem under it . I think it is the way to go as I had a 16' Airgator with a aluminum single axle and can tell you that the tandem pulls 100% better. Mine has the drop torsions and if I have a flat I can chain or strap the affected axle up and continue on if needed.
I have a 14' diamondback with a 350 and just got a ram-lin single axle with torsion suspention this makes a huge difference on handling. the boat doesnt bounce near as much , I also got it with a break trailer this helps alot on unloading a heavy boat I ran 80 mph for 2 hours the other day with no problem on I-95 and 60

If any of you have a trailer that does not tow well you should consider putting Carlyle bias ply trailer tires on it. The designator for trailer tires ends in ST which means special trailer. They have a great deal of resistance to sway because they have very stiff sidewalls. Here is a technical article on them:


I have run tongue weights as low a 4% with these tires with no sway up to 80 mph.

Good point cracker a lot of people dont run trailer tires and wonder why stuff dont last or work right. the sidewalls in car tires do not work on trailers period
UncleBubba - Would have to agree with you on that. I know someone with a 3/4 ton Ford with a Powerstroke. You don't even notice an airboat behind that rig.
Thanks everyone I got a single axle today from Forial City Airboats.
It's a Magic Tilt Trailer with torsion axles. But check this out. 1/2 OF THE DARN BUNK RAIL BOLTS FELL OUT ON THE WAY HOME. Mike gave me new one after I had to run back up to his shop. Well anyway I got it.
I hate to say this but it seems almost everything these days is put together fast and no quality control exists. However it could be directly related to the competitive market .. we all want it the cheapest not the best. I have a b & s trailer and parts fell off it also and the guy I bought it from fixed it up and really fussed about the quality control from the factory or shop that he bought it from. I had lights blowin out of the sockets fenders fallin off and still have to put one of the inner liners for the fender back on where the screws fell out. But I got a really good deal on the trailer yepper I saved a bunch of money. LOL But I love my trailer really
cntry - You are right about the lack of quality control around. I know a Panther that someone bought, hauled over here and then lost a bumper rail on the first trip down the road.

If those people putting the trailer together would use an air impact on the bolts, it would probably save time and seldom would it come loose.

However, the trailer on the Kline I am running was also built by Kline in 1997. Single axle (torsion) and tracks behind the truck like beagle after a rabbit and never had anything fall off. Haul it regularly down some bad roads and been in lots of salt water. Had to replace the fenders last year (they had be bumped badly several times) and we replaced all the wires at that time. Replaced the torsion axles this year due to iron termites that are around here.

Quality is out there, but costs a bloody nose.
well if you would like quality i gess do it you self
my trailer is homemade its quality pulls nice and even takes the same spair as my truck :D
my fenders also fell off on a new magic tilt airboat trailer, the mounts were not bolted across the bottom like most of there trailers and no matter what I did they were worthless .
Finally after a few weeks I contacted Sammy at Magic tilt samuelwilliams@magictilt.com , He was happy to help and sent me 4 more standoffs which I mounted to the top of the channel and put a spacer between the two. Now I beleave problem solved. magic tilt was a pleasure to do buisness with. I don't think they sent the trailer out that way but florial City moved them to lower the trailer. Let me know if you need a photo of the repairs made.