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Thank You to everyone for making me feel welcomed!


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I just wanted to take just a minute to thank everyone for welcoming me (WITH-OUT HANDCUFFS AND DUCT TAPE mind you :lol: ) I know I love to rib you guys and keep you on your toes and lord knows I certainly would have probably deserved what ever torture I got down there, but with the exception of BIGKAVR, (who drew the short straw of trying to keep me out of trouble and jail), I believe everyone had a great time at the ride and the feast , myself most of all! I had an absolute ball!!! Thank you SOOOO much to Bigkavr for carting my butt around and letting me hang out with him on his boat, Cherpa for taking me "wanna-be gigging" and Don Onstead for the night ride on Sunday... Thank you to all the ladies and gents for helping us put together a great gift basket for Mrs. Marquis, and for not laughing at me when I was speechless... hard to believe THAT it could happen huh? I will truly always remember this to be the most fullfilling accomplishment that I've ever had the pleasure to have a very small part in. OH YEAH, AND ONE LAST THING... THANKS TO BIG DADDY FOR ADMITTING I can cook grits to perfection!!! :lol: :lol:

Think we should change your name to "Bullseye" :lol: :lol:

Glad you had a good time I think everyone who showed up seemed to enjoy them self's
your all right in my book, i'm glad to have met you! you sure can put a smile on one's face!

if your up michigan way give us a call we'll make room for ya


man that weekend was something else :) :) :)
Yo, "Gritchic", you forgot your bag or "W & W's". Glad you had a good time. I think all of us had a Large weekend, the ride, the food, the friends, etc., etc.
yep you got pretty choke up for sure put a little lump in my throat even but your one of the good ones for sure painter dont be a stranger come back to sunshine any time we well allways have a boat for ya :)
It was so nice to finally meet you my family thought it was awesome of you to give grandad those paintings......that was alot of hard work you ROCK :lol:
BigDaddy":kvjubfck said:
GritChick is a Great One. We're all lucky to have her among us.

not all of us,just kidding. yes thanks bigkavr for taking care of my only family member that loves airboats besides me.
That little lady is OK by me ........ and them cheese grits were Excellent! Went back for seconds. :D

Cherpa, I thought about the "W&W"s after we got back to the hotel and then was gonna ask Bigkavr if we could go back, but I figured I would be pushing my luck...lol, I was just happy you guys didn't leave me in the swamp!!! And even I'm smart enough to figure out if he had to take me back to the camp for my "W&W"s I was CERTAINLY gonna be sleeping in the swamp...lol

Carpshooter, I was thrilled to be able to sit and chat with you and your family, I had a bunch of laughs with you guys, and hopefully I'll be able to catch up with you again sometime! If you ever get to the other side of the lake give me a call and you guys can certainly stay at my place!

Olf Art, you KNOW you are one of my favorites.... (I really don't have to tell you that though do I?)

Goldhunter... I think its time to begin a new game..... :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: ..... hmmmm what should you're outfit be THIS time???? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: Maybe I should just go ahead and send you my T-Shirt from the ride now.... :lol:

Kristal, I was THRILLED to meet you!!! I had so much fun helping your grandparents, I sure hope we can get together again someday!!!

Bondsman... as much as it pains me to put this on the public forum.... you really are OK in my book.... :lol:

BigDaddy, now I know I should request Rick to change my screen name to "GRITCHIC"..... but I'm really kind of partial to Painterchic.... :lol: I like to think it "defines" me....

Plum, you have NO idea how choked up I got, I was a mess LONG before JohnC handed me the mic that I wasn't expecting.... I told you guys that I was a big baby, now you have proof.... good lord I sure hope there aren't pictures of that too....lol

Sooooo.... whats our next "project" gonna be??? :D

Olf... been there, done that...lol, I'm really trying to get my vinyl business off the ground so I can be mobile rather than being tied to the bodyshop all the time, not that I don't love what I do, (not necessarily WHERE I do it, but I know it isn't good for me and I want to eventually get out of it) I really want to get into painting rudders if I can, and I'm one of the lucky ones who knows what it takes to do it right so they don't fail later... but I think that it scares people to think of the idea of sending them to NY no matter how good of a deal I give them! So until I can get more mobile I guess I'm stuck painting cars up here in the cold for a while! The bills still need to be paid unfortunately!

You aren't getting away that easy. First off, we have more rutters down here than you have up there. Vinyl business, we have more boat shows down here then you do. Bills, bring them w/ you or wait til they show up @ your door. You know you want to be here. NO EXCUSE !
You're right I do want to be there... at least some of the time! I really like the changing of the seasons up here, but then again, I love it down there too! That's why I need a job that lets me take off and go whenever I want! Or at least a little more often anyway. Its either that or I need to hit the lottery.... and I'm not that good at picking numbers... or I would have already done it! I would LOVEEEEE to have a job that included airboats on a full time basis and let me go all over too... is that too much to ask?? I mean really! :lol:
So be a snowbird until you can get settled into a full time business that will let you do that...these guy's would probably throw all of their work and their friends work your way...