Thank you to Southern Airboat .com

Ron Miller

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All of us here in Michigan would like to say thank you to To all involved in Southern Airboat web. This sight is full of good information and very friendly to all that join in. This is the best way to unite all airboaters so that we can improve our Sport---Boats and Public Relations ware ever we may live.
MACA members wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Thanks to all of you on Southern Airboat! I have learn't so much in the last couple months. A Merry Christmas and Happy, prosperous New Year to you all! :eek: :eek:
Thanks for the forum. It makes us much more of a force to have our voices heard!
You're doing a good job up in igloo land ( where a coolie sleeve is to keep your beer from freezing solid) Let me know if we can help you.
Hey Gatorstick,

Silly me.. I was puting my coolie sleeve around my electric fuel pump to keep it from freezing... Now I know what the real purpose of those sleeves are... Thanks. :D Happy holidays to all...

>You're doing a good job up in igloo land ( where a coolie sleeve is to >keep your beer from freezing solid)
If we freeze our buns in Florida, how do you folks run a boat in a freezer?

Our whole area is a freezer (in winter)... Now, if you go North further, (in Ron Miller's territory) then it's a DEEP freezer... :lol: We don't need no stinkin' electric freezer to freeze OUR buns (off).. :D :D
Our blood is thicker --- not all thiner out from that year around heat--- HAY tomorrow it is suppose to be up to 34 or 35 degrees.. Man that is T SHIRT WEATHER. But to go on an airboat ride with the snow blowing in your face (like mosquitoes in the summer) and the wind chill from your forward thrust you still need your woolliiees ON
One dog night?? Burrrrr....?? have two dogs, a fireplace and plenty of wood! What more does a man need to stay warm??? :lol:
Bring on the snow!
I too want to say thanks to Rick and all good folks that contribute their voices to this site. We really do make a good team, and ya'll feel like family to me! Merry Christmas to you all! I've asked Santa to leave an airboat under my tree!
Thanks for your long hard work and dedication to airboating by creating and mantaining this website. And an extra thanks for getting the picture to work :lol: . MERRY CHRISTMAS to your whole family!
We know what Gatorstick needs, and yes I belive it would "warm" him up, but he won't admit it. Sometimes the truth is harsh. :?