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R. I. P.
A great big thank you for a well thought out and planned outing. The frogs didnt rsvp their invitation but that is life. It was a true pleasuer to see Your dad, brother, his son and yours all out together and having a good time while at it. I especially liked when your brothers kid had to be bungy tied in because he was sleeping so soundly on the airboat. Obviously he has a little seat time there and feels quite at home on his dads boat.

Ya'll were truly hospitable and considerate. The extra lights and gigs and offers of use of the same were a first class demonstration of southern hospitality at its best. A sincere thank you and a IOU for that quart of oil. John


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Amen with Cntry's post and more!

I have spent many years waiting to see what lured my Granpa to Lake Okechobee! I now see...It's a very, very beautiful place! I"LL BE BACK!! Even though I didn't catch any frogs...I found a bunch of bass holes to drop a line into!

Your family made every boat and everbody there feel right at home, (I think the ultimate goal of the monthly ride)! From the bottom of my heart...I thank you and your family for the true Southern hospitality!


P.S. My son Zachary has his frogging prize displayed in his bedroom unlike any other trophy a kid could get! You have made an ever-lasting impression on him that I will never be able to repay!


Great job cowboy! Even though I was boatless, I had a good time in Okeechobee. I even had a small mess of Okeechobee bream to take home.

I look forward to riding with you & your family sometime.


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thank you for the great time. next time I will have my gas card with me and will stay alot longer. But what time my wife and I was there we had a good time. I think my son had a good time playing with the other kids. But I gess thats what its all about meet new folks and have a good time.I going to try to make somemore of the runs.


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R. I. P.
I'm sure Cowboy will be loging on later when he gets home, but I wanted to thank everyone who helped him get this ride together and everyone who participated. I want to thank the parents who brought their children out too. As I've stated on this site in the past some of the best childhood memories Cowboy and I have are ones that involve airboats and airboating. I hope that when the children who were on the ride this past weekend get to be my age that they will be enjoying the same thrills with their children.
It was great to see everyone putting faces with names and getting to look at boats they've seen and talked about on the site close up. (By the way Rick I should have thought to ask if you wanted to take my boat around the block to try that foot steering. Remind me next time.) It was like seeing old buddies getting back together. We were having so much fun an aligator gar stowed away in my boat for awhile. He's back where he belongs now though.
Anyway, thanks again to everyone who came out, brought food, and good friendship. We look forward to seeing you all at the next run, and please come back anytime.


By the way Rick I should have thought to ask if you wanted to take my boat around the block to try that foot steering. Remind me next time.

Thanks, I'll do that.


Thanks for the compliments guys. All I really wanted out of this deal was for everyone to go home feeling like it was worth the trip overthere to do it.
I sure do feel good about your son getting the Light Basketcase. Sure do!
I wanted it to go to someone who'd really enjoy it. I hope you all enjoy that magazine every month too!

Glad you came Unclebubba. Sure enjoyed meeting you, and your Family. Folks like you guy's are what makes Florida Great! Shame you missed the cattails getting busted.

Don't worry about that measely quart of oil Cntry141iq. You can drag my broke down tail out of the woods some day.

Been kick'in myself about that ride offer Rick. Don't know why I did not think to offer it myself while we were there. Maybe I was afraid I'd get you into re-rigg'in trouble when you caught the foot steer fever.

Thanks again to all that came, and I'll be looking forward to riding some more trails (and making some new ones) with y'all real soon.

Stay cool.


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R. I. P.
Hey "Cowboy",
I'd like to beleive the reason you didn't think to offer my boat to Rick for a test ride is because the boat belongs to me. Geez, you really gotta watch big brothers. I might just have to tell Mom about this.
Anyhoo, Rick your welcome to take it for a spin anytime because I said so, not you Cowboy.


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Hey cowboy,

I have a little brother too. He talks just like that.

Just kidding,



Woods Pussy - Did you put that new wallpaper on your desktop? It's gotta be your boat becaues I don't see a rudder stick.