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Thanks Everyone!!!


I couldn't have been made to feel more welcome in a group, than I was today.
Thanks everyone for a great day and a great ride!
When can we do it again? LOL

Dan, it was indeed a pleasure meeting you. The Southern Airboat Family grows every day, and these rides are like family reunions.

There were a LOT of new faces there for this one. This was no ordinary meeting. Many thanks to the FAA for having the event that drew so many of us together.

I'm really bad with names, and I met so many people Saturday - I apologize if I've left anyone out....

Safari Rick - YOU ROCK! Thanks for hanging back when the group ride left from our stop on the shore of Lake Harney. You did not have to do that at all, but you stayed to make sure no one was left behind. That's what it's all about! Airboaters with a conscience.

Seminole Club Dan - Now, I understand that you and the Dan who made this post are different Dans, right? Meeting so many that day I get easily confused!!! But dang if you did not make some jaws drop when it was determined that it was a bad starter, and you flick out a Nextel and within seconds tell us a replacement starter is on the way. And then only minutes later, here comes a guy walking up the beach with a starter in his hand. Downright Amazing.

I'm a little confused as to who the guy with the starter was... He had something to do with the Seminole Airboat Club. His wife (fiancé?) is Laurie Michaud - the information hub of the club. I hope this get's straightened out so the correct person gets the credit for turning what could have been a day marooned in the hot sun into only a slight delay in our enjoying the ride with the gang.

The guys from Debary who posted asking questions about what they should look for in their first airboat were there.... THANKS for coming out!!!!! I saw you speaking with some of Florida's best of the best airboaters, sponging information and learning about the sport. Once you guys get your boat, you're going to be a great addition to the gang as well. Heck, you already a great addition even as you learn, because the questions you are gonna ask will benefit everyone.

Wade - you're lookin' really good and it was extra nice to see you there at the lodge AGAIN. We always meet up there and no where else! It's OUR stomping ground!!!! :) I can't wait till we are both there at the same time and we BOTH have full tanks of gas so we can go riding.

Jeff Lesarra (the frog gig guy) was there with his new product - the mini-boat "Skeeter Hawk". Jeff, I know you read this board, but you've GOT to post more about that little boat!!!! It drew a crowd just sitting in the parking lot.... AGAIN. EVERYONE wants to hear more about that fun little boat. 2 cyl... 2 stroke. Out all day on a portable 7 gallon plastic boat tank. DANG!

Rick - I know you had a chance to take your grandkids down south Redfishing. We know you HAD to do that. Family first. No arguements there. But you really missed a good one, and we missed you there.

Bandit - It's unfortunate that you made a turn and the rest of the group took a different turn and you became seperated. Two things about that... From what I've heard, all thought you were waving off to go exploring on your own - you were not left behind on purpose. Second, it makes a statement for your skill as an airboater that you made your way out and about by yourself and ON YOUR OWN. Kicked out of the nest - so to speak. It's a big place out there with a lot of intimidating trails. YOU DID IT BUDDY!!! That says a lot for your fortitude and boating skill. And besides... you were smart enough to find us and had a chance to share in some of the delicious food. AND you got to get your own scenic tour apart from the group. That's a special treat. :)

Airboat4fun and Bravo - Thanks for hauling our carcasses on your boats. It was our pleasure and honor to be able to ride with you guys. Our boat is broken right now, and money a little tight to get'r fixed. But we love airboating and our airboating friends. We weren't going to let a "lack of airboat" keep us from enjoying what le love so much! There were SO MANY offers from our friends - (both new and old) to give us a ride, we could not take up everyone on their offers. But every invite for us to ride on your boats means the world to us. I hope we did not insult anyone by declining an invitation. This group absolutely ROCKS!!!!! (Our next boat is going to be a 5 seater... repayment for those rides and ride offers will be coming soon!!!!)

Cntry & Stan - you guys never cease to amaze me with the food you cook. Out there in the middle of no where.... miles from civilization, there were about 25 or 30 people eating food BETTER than that served in the finest restaurants. And the "atmosphere" was not faux painted on the walls.... it was REAL. And REAL GOOD too! It just can't be beat.

Basketcase & Mrs Wizard... I'm so glad you guys made it up to this part of Florida to see what the riding is like here. It's different from the 'glades for sure! Different does not mean worse... just a different kind of beautiful. Congrats on the new job and I can't wait till you get to move a little closer. Within a very short year, the basket boat and the new moodmobile will be doing a lot of riding and exploring together, I'm sure.

It's so much fun riding with the Southern Airboat Gang!!!!

I'm sorry we could not make "The Ride - Day 2" And we're gonna have to miss the next one due to a family obligation. Both Laura and I are looking forward to reading about the day-2 ride and seeing photos from it as well.

Standing by, keeping an eye out for news of the next ride. There was 3 rides in May for Southern Airboat. I can't wait to see what June & July have to offer. Juse will be our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of riding with you guys! Getting bigger and better all the time.

Thanks for the fun day EVERYONE. :)


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I just want to echo dan's comment. Had a blast and am looking forward to the next ride.I am bad with names but I'm pretty sure I remembered who was who by thier handle on this web page.
Mood no problem with the waiting on the quick repair on airboat4fun's ride. NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND!!!
Food was great and the company even better, want to thanks C.CHART for the ride in his boat, going to help alot with the decision on what hull I'll be buying in the future. Seems like a GREAT group of people here and am glad to be associated with them, just let me know when the next ride is and I'll bring more shrimp.
Moodfood - Yes Steve is my Fiance. Yes I am the webmaster & treasurer of Seminole County Airboat Club. Steve is a board member along with Danny.

We live here in Geneva, was not a big deal to help a fellow airboater in need. Steve had to work sat. or we would of been there.

Anyway, I take it that it was not your boat with starter problems? Whom evers airboat it was. He can return the favor, next time he see's someone in need of help, help. You know the old saying What Comes Along, Gos Along.
Just a note to say I had a GREAT TIME! I wish I could have gotten in for the sound demo but I'm sure there will be another chance.
I'm glad I got to put some more names with face's. Skeeter, Uncle Bubba, Safari Rick, Bandit.
The family is getting big now.

Skeeter: Great planning. I enjoyed riding with the cows. Wish I could have been there on Sun.

Stan: Sorry you had to work to feed us but very glad you did. I enjoyed the cookout.

Matt+Laura: The excursion was nice and glad we got to hang out.

Randy: Your a trooper. Never give up. I guess fixing the boat is eaiser than pushing it back.

Cntry: Hope the waffle house fixed up what was wrong with you.

It was great winding down with everyone Sat. after the ride. Basketcase+ Ms wizard, CC and Dakota, Uncle Bubba+ Ms Bubba,Randy, Stan, Cntry, cant forget Matt and Laura.

I am looking forward for the water to come back. I will be back to the lodge some day and get to ride the rest of the places.
What a great weekend!!!!! It was wonderful to see some new faces and the same ole ones I know and love.

Skeeter: Thank you so much for the expert guide service. The weather was beautiful and we had a great time.

Dan, Safari Rick, Bandit and Mrs. Bandit: It was a pleasure to meet you folks. I know we will meet again soon.

Thanks to Steve and Laura for helping out a fellow airboater.

Stan, as usual I put on a few pounds. You are the man!

Bravo: We will see you in Margueritaville again!

Tom and Kathy.......get moving on that boat! Think it will be done by next weekend?

Thanks to all for making it a great time as usual.

hey everybody on the ride! Itis really great to start putting names with faces. again, we want to thank everyone involved, skeeter for providing a place for everyone- stan,cheryl-country(even though he was a little under the weather)for the chow!! safari rick-the shrimp man-basket &ms wizard, dan,matt &laura, man i can't remember everybody and i hate to forget people(must be my age) well anyway thanks everyone and i look forward to this weekend at lake Kiss Bonnie & Bill
Hey ya'll,

I think maybe 13-15 boats Saturday and 6-8 on sunday? Sunday's ride up to Lake Jessup was good "spierence" and an awesome ride for sure. Man there's a lot of gators in that lake!

Encountered some kayaks, (yeah, no flags on those things "just aint' right")! Race boats, wave runners, bass boats and water craft of every kind existing and "gettin along" with airboaters.

Thank you again Skeeter, Steve and Imachaud, Dan and the rest of the Seminole club for welcoming and hosting us :salute:

This is what the Southern Airboat monthly rides are about. May the monthly rides continue to grow and prosper!