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The latest Rick video

He made them all use the bathroom before the ride.... and probably even dig the belly button lint out, q-tip the ears, clip toe & finger nails, spit, get a haircut, and go barefoot.

hey.... Airboat Naked!


I guess when you travel light in that nice hull you have, you can go just about anywhere.

I heard your rigging and cage tubes were all filled with helium.

Nice video Rick.


Agreed with Mood!

Gotta be some "Pen n' Teller" stuff goin' on here! I think our leaders boat is probably the best performing 4cylinder I've ever seen for sure.

running with little effort and didn't sound that load either,now mood naked i don't know if i wan't to visualize that picture.
No tricks yet, but I'm always open for suggestions. I kinda like the helium idea if we can work it out mood.

A little O-320 like mine can be real impressive one minute & make you feel pretty foolish the next. You just gotta keep it off the real sticky stuff and keep the momentum going.

Can't say how dependable the H2AD's gonna be in the long run, but I'm real happy with it's performance.