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This Could Have Turned Out Ugly


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The pictures of the front motor mount of the gpu on my new boat. The other is the same.

that a good example of why u should always look at your rig before every ride. it will save u money and keep from getting someone hurt or worse!!!!!!
I have the same front mount. What do you think caused it to fracture? Was anything else loose or excessive movement? Which side is that?
I just bout the boat Saturday, and I was going over it tonight and found it. I ran it yesterday and didn't notice it. I was lucky.

I think that they are original off the power unit and converted AB application. It looks like the part was bent in a brake and it failed due to the torque of the AB.

I assume you guys all have GPUs so let me ask you a question do they all sound like they are coming apart? Like clankidy clankidy clankidy clank.
after seeing all these rigings start to get week i can see why front driver rear passenger will be my next rigging of choice. :lol: