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* * Throttle Cable Help * *


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Being a rookie, I am needing a little help & info.

(1) Where is the best place to buy a new throttle cable ? ? ?

(2) What do I need to know to purchace the proper cable for my boat ? ? ?

I have been working on trying to figure out why I could not get anymore than 3800 rpms, and the Throw on the Carb only opening about 70% with the peddle mashed down.

Well, today, I found where the cable end the is on the peddle was getting to about 70%, it was bending the throttle cable down, and putting it in a bind, not allowing it to slide straight in/out of the cable housing. So I built a new Cable end Bracket, and BINGO.

Fired up the ole 454 and got 100% opening of the carb. Done a little tweaking of the pitch on the prop, and within a couple hours I was taching 5500, so I shut'er down, and felt I had made a major accomplishment for a rookie that is just trying to find his way.

But I did notice on the housing, and where it had been in a bind for who knows how long, it was slightly bent, and the housing was weathering pretty bad. So if I can find out where to buy a new one (Best Price), and how to get any measurements that might be needed. I will just buy me a new one and feel I am ready to look for a slight river bank to see if she is going to run on dry ground.

Have put a 78" Whirlwind Stump Jumper on it, and have finally found the problem to my rpm's. Hope this will let it open up and give me the "possiblity" to run up on a sand bar, and then push off.

Anybody seeing anything I might be screwing up on, before I get to carried away. cooter
I buy mine from classic airboats, you can download their catalog from the website.
Measure from end to end on the cable outside casing, not the inside cable. I did not like the slow response from a solid cable setup and it needed too much spring tension. So I cut the end off the inside slinging cable and slid in a braided cable in the housing. Then connected the ends with cable crimps and a small sring and it works great....................
Call Marshland Marine in Orange Texas. If you have problems or questions ask to speek to Robert he is the head wrench. Try to spend your money at the Texas airboat shops Nothing against FL but we need to expand the Texas market and that will not happen spending your money out of state. Also Marshland sells a heavier cable that is red for about the same money. If they are a little higher on price it evens out because you do not have to ship it.
I have been running a push cable throttle set up. I hate how slow and hard the pedal is to push. It also binds between the primary and secondary transistion. I was thinking of changing it to pull set up by changing the bell and turning the carb around. Or should I just pull the rod out and put a braided cable in place of it. I just want smooth and easy throttle pressure. Post some pictures if you have it. Thanks!

If you are in Texas you're best bet is to call Faron Floyd at American Airboats. There is no one better at customer service than Faron.

But before you lock yourself into a teleflex cable, Consider what HMGM just said. I also had the same issues. I ended up building a solid rod linkage out of some 5/16" stainless rods, a tap/die set, some haim fittings (ball joints) and welded up my own brackets & trangle shaped bell cranks. With that setup I was able to remove ALL the springs - the gas pedal lifts on it's own with just the carb's internal spring! Maybe I got lucky, but that was my goal - I got so sick of having 5 or 6 springs just to return that stiff cable back to idle. I had to push so hard, I would get cramps in my throttle leg on long rides!

There's more to throttles than push/pull cables! :)
I have used it on go-carts I have built and other stuff, (and I like solid linkage if geometry works, that's what I am using for rudder) but Bicycle or motorcycle cable and casing is real free and inexpensive. Down there where you are with all the moisture it might need to be replaced more often. Same size cable and pulleys/open cable in spots even freer. You guys get "WURTH" stuff down there? Sabesto is the next best thing to Duct tape. Amazing amount of solvent that readily dissolves once this stuff gets everywhere leaving a gummy really slick lubricant. Great stuff for cables and water environment. I don't think you will ever get any corrosion on battery or electrical connections you spray it on. Tough to take off with a pressure washer however can attract dust but SMOOTH! I have removed it from stuff with Brake Clean Before and evidence of the lubricant is still in the concrete a week later. Pull linkage for sure and the solid stuff we have is not as nice as braided cable.

Not a fan of teleflex style throttle cables!
I did similar to moodfoods Idea except I ran a rod under the riggin to the back and bought a 35.00 3 foot cable from summit racing and ran it to the carb turned back wards. SOOOO smooth and my 2 year old can push it down with one finger 8)