Thunder on the Loup 2010


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Check out this site.
They are going to have the first Miss Thunder on The Loup Amateur Bikini Contest
And airboat races on July 31st and Aug 1, 2010
How is the river looking out that way? We haven't been in yet this year because of rain.
Lots of sandbars on the Platte river and the water is a little high. I was out on the Platte in May and it was great. I have not been up on the Loup river this year but from what I have been hearing from some that have been it is great. I totaled my boat out on May 23rd and got a gash cut in my leg. I will be back out some time in Aug it looks like. I will be up at Thunder on the Loop on July 31st and Aug 1st. I just will not be able to get in the water or in the boats yet at that time.

There are the races on Sat July 24th on the lower Platte river. They will be a lot of fun. They have a drivers style of racing there that is different than Thunder on the Loop. See the following link for information on this.
Hey, rich there is a bunch of guys from our area going out to st. paul this weekend. Ill be going staying at the belair hotel. From what Ive heard the rivers out west are low, like always they havent had neer the rain we have. Ill let you know what its like next week. Im sure it will be great water for thunder on the loup. Dave
Glad to hear the Loup is still good. Look us Iowa Guys up BenBad at the Loup we will be there hopefully early on Friday and camp on the grounds.
is this event worth going to without a boat i wanted to bring the boat up and watch the races and ride some but its not running good enough to pull it up and i dont want to take the chance of it breaking down on me wile im up but i was still thinking about going anyway without the boat if it would be worth the drive
Yeah there are alot of people that watch from the shore the races are good.
The races are ran about 40 to 50 yards from the shore so watching is great and there is lots of shade. It only cost a few bucks per person last year. I do not recall how much it was but I am guessing it was maybe 5 bucks or so. Not to much for a good day.

The times are
Race Schedule:
Saturday, July 31st - 2:00pm Oval Racing
Sunday, August 1st-1:00pm Drag Racing

(Timetrials at 11:00am both days)

Go to this site and they have about a 3 min video of last years event. It is great.

Looking at my video that I shot last year I am guessing there was over 40 or 50 airboats up there. Some came and went and some stayed all day but I have never seen that many airboats in one spot in my life. I overheard one long time airboater say Saturday evening that he was estimating that there was about $1.5 million in airboats up there last year.
Sounds great BenBad, thanks for all the info. I think I want to go up and watch a little of the time trials and then the races on Saturday. I am looking forward to watching all the boats and learning more about this sport as we are looking to buy a boat and I want to learn everything I can about it! I'll see ya in two weeks!
Check us out at the races. We have the best chrome and aluminum polish on the market today made by California Custom Products. We will have a booth at Thunder on the Loup with Polish, airboat decals by Painter Chic, koozies, a great steak seasong by A Rent a Chef, and other airboat related stuff also!. Looking forward to meeting all the airboaters next weekend in Palmer!
Check our ad in Airboating Magazine. 8)
American Airboats will be headed your way tomorrow. Anyone need us to bring something please ;et us know ASAP the truck and boats are getting packed today. Can't wait to meet everyone!
I have a family event in Nebraska this weekend and since I will be there I am going to try to make it. I would only be there on Sunday but I look forward to meeting some Nebraska Airboaters. Hell I may even run into some people I grew up with when I lived in Nebraska.
Well we got the camper all set up and ready to rock n roll! There were already about 30+ campers and motorhomes set up with numerous boats being unloaded. Going to be a great weekend! :wav:
I am headed out Friday morning so everyone leave me some room to drive my new boat. Nir-Built did a great job on the boat. And mama says I can drive it this weekend but no racing....

See you all there...

That's great that you got your boat back, you should post a pic of it so I can find you on Saturday.
You can see the photos of the boat in the Classifieds $20,000 and over.

This link should take you to the add:

See you at the Loup...........