Thunder on the Loup VI - Palmer Nebraska Aug 1-2


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Nebraska is again having 2 days of great racing this summer on the (correction - Middle Loup) just outside of Palmer, Nebraska. Oval races are Saturday (race against the clock) and drag races are Sunday.

This is a great race, great people.

Tom Dinsdale is again the promoter for this event and is hoping to see more involvement from other areas and vendors (builders, engine guys, prop manufacturers, etc.) to help promote and support the race.

Also - they invite anyone to come on up and race them from Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Utah (and other areas). Last year the Blew By You crew from Florida had a great time and put on a fantastic show for the crowd.

Camping on race grounds is again available.

The Nebraska Airboat Association is again helping out with the event and you can get more info from Tom Dinsdale at Tom Dinsdale Chevrolet, Cadillac or from Elkhorn Valley Airboats, Darrell Starks.
it would be cool if we could take up a collection and sponser our nara points leader in unlimited and send them to represent SA florida and nara lets here it for the home team 8)
I think you would be running in a class by yourself :lol: as they do not have unlimited classes up there. While the spectators may love it, not sure how much fun it would be for racers - except maybe to see if they can break records in the oval course.

I'm sure they would also love to have the support of the NARA or SA to set up a vendor booth. Ray Bryant with NARA was up there last year and him and Tom talked quite a bit. You can contact Tom for vendor booth pricing.

Classes are:

Big Block Modified
Small Block Direct Drive
Small Block modified
4 Cyl Aircraft
6 Cyl Aircraft

No alcohol or nitros - their insurance does not allow it.

And you would be the away team - Nebraska would be the home team :p
Hawk said:
Nebraska is again having 2 days of great racing this summer on the Platte River just outside of Palmer, Nebraska. Oval races are Saturday (race against the clock) and drag races are Sunday.

Its on the Loup River, which is why it is called Thunder on the LOUP.
You are absolutely right - the Middle Loup. Isn't that all part of the Platte River system - (north Loup, middle loup, south loup)?

Thanks for correcting me. It's a great area up there.

Money and time permitting we hope to bring up our airboat up this time - not to race cause that old GPU I got is not made for racing. Come to think of it, it wouldn't win any airboat contest either :p
The North Loup, Middle Loup and South Loup all end up in the Loup River which is where the races are. The Loup River dumps into the Platte River about 55 miles east of Palmer. :!:
Nebraska Airboat Association
P.O. Box 394, Valley, NE 68064
Contact: - - (402) 677-5638 • (402) 779-0111- Darrell Starks - Elkhorn Valley Airboats

Tom Dinsdale - 308-382-6444
I remeber the FL boyz talking about driving all the way to Nebraska just to race b-cuz FL did'nt have any races.

NOW FL has races and they won't drive an hour to go participte :shock:

Whats up with that!
Don't know. Our boat is down right now - just had fiberglass fixed and new poly put on. But we were able to hook up with someone who can get us out to the race so we'll be there on Saturday in Florida. Gotta keep pushing to keep that racing going and hope everyone will work to continue to support it.

We'll also be in Nebraska in August - as much as would like to drag the boat up - economics make it cheaper to fly and do just a long weekend cause wife can't get off work for couple weeks. Maybe next year we can stay a couple weeks in Nebraska - it's such a great place and so many really nice people. They race, get a long, have fun, have some great steaks too.
anyone have any info on camping in the area and will I be able to enjoy the event without trailering my boat up there? It's only a few hours from me but I don't trust my trailer that far at this point. I'd really like to take my son out there and see all the boats.
there is camping on site ,no electric hookups for campers ,but plenty of shade for tent camping cost for camping 20.00 for the event
I'm in valley & there a bunch of us trailering up friday
See everyone on Saturday! I'm flying up with Joyce and Bobby Hoffman - so no racing for Bobby :cry:

We are staying at the Belair in St Paul and the Super 8 at St. Paul. I heard Fullerton Inn in Fullerton has a couple rooms left but I think Super 8 might be about booked out. However, the campground they have there at the track is great, we stayed there right along the river couple years ago when we drove up the 5th wheel RV.

Should be a great race and glad to see more vendors getting involved like GTO and I think Stan from American Airboats is going to be there as well. Of course, race promoter Tom Dinsdale will be showing off his new Panther and Elkhorn Valley Airboats always has couple boats in the race as does Ed with Platte River Airboats. Not sure if Mark with Whitetail Airboats or Stacy with Nighthawk Airboats will be there but they usually are - Mark usually has one of his boats racing. Of course there are several nice Diamondback's that race each year as well as several others so should be a great time to check out lots of nice boats.

Don't forget the steak dinner - this year on the race grounds so don't have to drive back and forth to Palmer. For us out of towners - that late night drive through the cornfields gets confusing!

See you in Nebraska!!!!
I also uploaded pictures from the event but from the other side of the river... I wish I would have brought my boat. Next year I will for sure! Great event!!! Do a google search for Thunder on the Loup and see some news articles as well as videos. I have videos that I will try to upload later this week if I can make them small enough.
I had a Great Time there. Think we had the only 2 boats from iowa there. Gonna bring more next year.
Just got back from races had a great time , would like to personally thank Stan Floyd from American Airboats , GTO airboats , Jeff Hawk Airboating Mag, Bobby Hoffman, Darrel Starks Elkorn Valley Airboats , Tom Dinsdale AND Jim Rice for the ramp. Counted 86 boats there on saturday. Good time hope to see more there next year. Races at my place Aug 29th sign up at noon additonal info call # 402-319 -5300 THANKS AGAIN ED FRANSICUS
Bad company you might want to stop over so we can put a chevy on there before the races :lol: :lol: