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Thunder On The Loup


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Hmmmm. Maybe I might sneak away for a week. It's been awhile since I've been out of Florida. Let's see what Thursday brings. ;)


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sidejobs said:
DynaMarine said:
Be there maybe Thursday to ride if all goes well
Shane I'll come if you feed me ! Us Florida boys are poor......

I had to cash in all our aluminum cans to pay for a boat for thunder...them ecoturds aren't cheap! Lol

Good thing it gets great fuel economy so I have some pocket change for food.

Maybe GoBigRed1 will catch some fish on his new Hamant "fishing boat" and we'll have dinner one night?!?! Lol


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Glad to see everyone who came up this year. As always met some new people and saw old friends. Hopefully everyone has a safe trip back and we will see you all next year!