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Tired of rudder riders


I'm tired of Bavarian sports sedan drivers riding on, or cutting it close to my rudders while towing.

Think I need to rig up a remote wire for engaging the bilge pump from the tow vehicles drivers seat.

Then I'm gonna put 10 gallons of swamp water in my boat.

Swamp water all over the place at 60 mph should work better than a Yosemite Sam back-off mudd flap.

One to two gallons per discharge?
10 gallons should get me home if I'm careful. :twisted:

I figue this will work on all types of rudder riding vehicles also.
No kidding, and normally they are too busy gawking at the engine and prop to pay attention to the brake lights....yikes!!!

I have a small hole where a light used to be on my transom shelf, between the rudders. Is there any good reason I couldn't put something like a 5' red streamer in there when I'm towing ?

Cowboy ,
I've figured out how to keep yuppies off your tail, uneven trailer tire pressure causing the tralier to wag its tail . It scares the crap out of'em .
I was towing the buggy this weekend and the occassional tail wagging motion kept them well away no matter how bad they wanted to pass me .
White knuckle driving not recommended for the timid , but is effective. :shock:
I'm thinking of a little canister pressurized at the gas station airpump with a quart of acetone in it. Remote solenoid to make it mist the acetone all over the front of the Beemer. Very light mish should go un-noticed but still prep their surfaces nicely for re-painting.

Low tech says tie an old truck driveshaft across the back of the boat with a release knot in it. Yank the rope and drop the old drive shaft right on their hood.

I could probably dream up some other ways to clandestinely nuptualize the ego ridden yuppies as well.

Yeah Baby!
That trailer tail wiggl'in works most of the time.
Sometimes you find a stubborn purpple belly sap-sucker yuppy-yank, that's too ignorant to respond properly though.

Figured some swampwater in the face might work better to break the suction.

Dang Scotty!
Your ready to go nuclear. I don't wanna hurt noblody.
If it got that bad, I'd just beat the crap outta them.

Perhaps a macaroni launcher would work better.

Do yankee yuppie's break for macaroni?

Hey all you Northern S/A members out there.
No offense.
Been up there, and met some darn good people.
I'm sure y'all are too.

If y'all came down here, you'd see what were talking about.
You have to see it to believe it.
No offense taken here Cowboy. I've been down to Florida a few times and I know what you mean. Those people pay hundreds of thousands for their homes and then form covenants that say they can't have their garage door open for more than a few seconds. Just a bunch of feel good idiots trying to tell others how to live.

They don't like guns, airboats, poor folks or rich folks and on and on. I don't think they like much of anything. You can keep them and I wish we could send you more.
We got entire communities of them down here. I am totally convinced they don't even like themselves!

We have a few up here, but I think most of them moved south.
Not sure where.........................Bob
Roberti53, where in MN are you ? Not many airboats up there, but plenty of water and a lot of fine folk.
I have some good friends who farm around Litchfield.

I'm in Winona, MN.
South East MN. About 100 miles south of Minneapolis.
It's about 35 degrees here right now.
Can't hardly wait for the snow ride
You know, before my ol' clock winds down I'm gonna have to try one of those snow/ice rides. That sounds like a hoot.

I've spent several fine hours in an ice fishing hut, done a little snowmobiling and skiing ..... the airboatin on snow is the only thing left.
It was only 46 this morning here in NE Floida.

Oh well.
Guess all I can say is "All you yankees better buckle up!" " the ride might get real interesting."

Just get home safe bud, and slide off into the marsh on your new rig.
Any yankees you see out there will be OK!

Yuppy giggin.......hmmm sounds like a new sport. Wonder if ya can roll em in flour an fry em up? Nah I know better they is some thangs even the gators won eat. LOL

Anxious as hell to try out the boat. Even more anxious to get on the road and visit an meet some folks and ride places I have never seen. Heh, you could be one of my first "victims".

54 days !

Bring it on!
Let's go!

I'm ready when you are, so come on down.
Hopfully we will still have some water down south by then.
roberti53, where do you ride in Winona. My wife and I spend 3 or 4 days in Buffalo City, Wisconsin every year and fish the Mississippi up to the dam at Alma. We always take our 16 foot flat bottom but I would love to talk my wife into taking the airboat up that way sometime.
YOu know, what's sad is that I knew exactly what "rudder riders" were before even opening the thread.

It would be one thing if they were just trying to get a closer look at an airboat I guess, but you know all they're thinking is "I wan't out in front of this thing"

I don't care how fast you're going, if you have a lifted truck or are towing, people want in front of you because they can't see around you. It sucks
Get a remote starter switch like they for vehicles they get to close fire that puppy up that should back them off :twisted: :evil: