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Toilet Paper?


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I work Part time at a Sams club, like a Costco.
We have no paper of any kind, no water, Hand sanitizer, medical masks or rubber gloves, Bags of rice or beans.
Here we have NO cases of the Chinese flu here in the state.
What are people thinking?
We are told the best way to avoid it is to avoid people and WASH our hands.
We have lots of soap. How does that translate in to " Buy all the toilet Paper"????
:slap: :violent1:
I take it you're not experiencing the same thing?
We are one of two states without reported cases of coronavirus.
All good on TP down here, the frogs got me plugged up good. With the price of AV gas and Corona beer dropping it looks like we are gonna be able to make the full 14 days. I hope the music ain't too loud.