toy run

Yeah, What Woodswoman said......

Nice job Chris, Charity, and Faron.. Everyone else involved too!
It's just huge. Big positive image projected, and a great way to follow up on Operation Airboat. Best part is maybe forgotten. Some kids Christmas have been made yesterday. It's a win, win, win deal.

Wish I coulda been there too Croc1.
Charity and Chris - You guys are so lucky to live so close to a great airboating spot! That place is awesome! Thanks for inviting us all to share it, and for making the whole thing come together.

Faron and Family - Thanks once again for the great grub!

Lauren - You're a movie star! I think you spoke well on the clip on the news. Good job!

Country - I'm sure you showed Lisa and Donna what airboating is really all about. Glad you were so conscientious about all the safety issues. No doubt their impression of this sport has improved, thanks to you.

Croc1 - You missed a great time. Lots of out-of-towners showed up from all over the state. The reporter from Channel 13 came back from his ride with Chris grinning from ear to ear. So did the ladies that rode with Country141. Plenty of trails to ride (and get lost on). GPS saved the day for us again! A truckload of toys was gathered and the run was a success all the way around.

I'll be posting some pics directly.
No offense here. My remarks were not personal. I am genuinely concerned about the future of air boating in Florida. I used your thread to voice them because I knew the title would attract attention.

Cntry drove his boat along the shoreline at Loughman last week. He was just above idle. The boat is so quiet in that regime that it is eerie, like a ghost. He has some prop noise getting on plane, but there are ways to reduce that for little or no money. Before anyone asks, my theories are all posted in the sound research area.

cowboy":s6u06zzx said:
Nice job Chris, Charity, and Faron.. Everyone else involved too!

Same here cowboy! Also some of the gifts that Teresa & I brought were from BigDaddy, blackpowderscout, & swampjet, so thanks to them also. And airboat4fun for the big bag of McDonald's goodies and those neat little wooden gators that said "" on them that came with Faron.

cchardt & woodswoman, it was the coolest thing seeing ya'll on channel 13 news. I tried to video it, but messed it up somehow.