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Toys For Tot's Airboat Style (about Lake Washington)


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Here is the address and how to get there.

Lake Washington Park
6000 Lake Washington Road, Melbourne
FROM I-95 take the SR-518/Eau Gallie Blvd Exit 183 east 0.4 miles. Turn left on John Rodes and go 0.8 miles. Turn left on Aurora Blvd and turn right on Harlock. Turn left on Lake Washington Road and go 1.5 miles to the end of the road.
FROM US Hwy 1 go west 5.6 miles to the end of Lake Washington Road.

I will try to get out there in the next couple of days and take some pictures.
I'l get cracking on a map. But in my still crippled computer state, I'd better begin, because it makes the slow process of making one of those maps even slower.

How far north do you expect to run? Lone Cabbage? Beyond?

Yeah Lone Cabbage. Make sure you get around the edges of the lakes and such because there are alot of trails there. More than I ever thought.

Have you thought about how you were going to get to Lone Cabbage if the wind picks up. I went up there yesterday and the trail around the big marsh is getting dry quick. No problem yet but if we don't get a bunch of rain from the hurricane then it could be a problem. There will be plenty of water in the trails to get you from Lake Washington past the Oak Head and up to winder. If the water is good you could run by buzzards roost and take the trail around lake Poinsett. But lake Poinsett can get nasty with high winds. You can always run the leeward (hope I spelled that correctly) side. Just something to think about. Some of those trails get pretty dry and could be difficult for the DD boats. Just been thinking about it a little bit.
You know that is another thing I was thinking about. Our guide has all of that figured out as well but I was thinking of making a whole day at Lake Washington. Not necessarily going all the way to Lone Cabbage but just having people just go out and ride the trails that are all over the place. That way if someone did not want to go out right then that would be fine. But there are restrooms and all of that at Lake Washington and I liked hanging out at the milk bus with everyone and talking. At the Melbourne run we got on the boats and left. When we got back to the ramp everyone got in their trucks and left. So that is just something to think about. Anyone else have any ideas?
Hangin out is good and then we can take reporters on rides when they show up late LOL at least at lake wash there will be a shelter if the weather turns bad or gets too sunny.
Agreed about the hanging out. That was fun. But I'd sure like to take a shot at getting far away. Lone Cabbage or not. It's fun to GO SOMEWHERE when taking the boat out. Trails are nice, but if it's just around the edge of the lake, I'd have more fun IN the lake, on a water ski behind some horse power (and a prop IN the water).

The water is STILL very high around loughman - not too many miles downstream from lake washington. In fact, it has gotten about 2 feet deeper in the last couple of weeks. (just so you know where all your water is going!)

They may be just draining it down in anticipation of the hurricane. It may bounce right back.

As usual, we will get there early and try to tag along on a ride that GOES SOMEWHERE!!!! (even if it's fishin') and be back in time to party like it's 1999.

Thanks for the water level recon. And thanks for keeping us DD sbc boaters in mind. The ol' boat - she don't like it dry! We're going to shoot for our FIRST ride where we DON'T get stuck!!!! ;) Or limit it to a record LOW number of times getting stuck. :lol:

Thanks, I think that is what we will do. There are alot of trails around there that usually keep alot of water in it that are right off of the lake so that is what we will do. I love hanging out with everyone and country makes a good point. If the press would like a ride or if one of the members of press is late we will be there. Or someone will be there. Anyway, hope that is well with all if not let me know.
Mood, Don't worry, you can partner up with me and we'll go play Lewis and Clark. I don't know the area but with your maps I would imagine we can find our way ok. I don't really want to haul the boat all the way over there to stay around the lake either.

Of course if everyone brings kids then it may be hard to get them off that playground.... :roll:

I promise Adam we are not going to hang around the lake. Trust me when I say there are alot of trails and alot of sites to see. I am not going to banish you to the edge of the lake. That is until you and Matt get in trouble. Then I may have to think about it. :lol:
Well, I figure somebody has to stay with him to "help get Moodfood unstuck"!!! :D :p :twisted:

BTW...from 192 do I get on 95 N and then get off again or is there a different road??

Take 95 N from 1-92 to Eau Gallie. Take Eau gallie east to John Rodes turn left on John Roads and take a left on Aurora. (Look for blinking light the road will make a hard bend to the right take a left there). Take Aurora (hoped that is spelled correctly) to Lake Washington Rd. Turn Left on Lake Washington road and follow it unitl you run into the park. It is very nice if you have not been there. 3 ramps (2 regular boat ramps 1 airboat ramp). You could always dump in at sarno and run up there if parking were to get tight to.

Sorry the link to the map did not work. Wasn't try to be a wise @$$ there and tell you to look it up.
if your coming in on 192 then just go under i 95 to John Rodes turn left (north)and go 1 or 2 miles.Go over Eau Gallie Blvd .Turn left on Aurora Blvd witch the road turns (corner) and turn right on Harlock. Turn left on Lake Washington Road and go 1.5 miles to the end of the road.
Not to change the subject but who has the signs? Not that this place is all that hard to find but I can make a couple of little ones unless there is a way to get them before the run. I think there are 2 of them.
I have the signs Dakota. PM an address and I'll send them to you. I'm not sure what time I'll be pulling in on Dec. 3rd.

Hey ya'll,

I watched a really good documentary on the St. Johns on PBS, (not the PBR) channel last night.

Had forgotten what CCHardt had told me about how it flows from South to north! Also didn't know it starts down here in the Everglades and goes some 300 miles north to Mayport, Florida.

Pretty cool one hour adventure documenting the polluting sources and uses of airboats with motorized hangliders with attached dingys to traverse the route.

Man, wish we could be there with ya'll for the ride!