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Hello all,

Gatorstick just called and wants to know if anyone going to the toy run this Saturday would be willing to take along a couple of dignitaries?? Two-- who are on the Boating Advisory Council (where Gatorstick is now in the Keys) and another boat to take out the Legislator from the Melbourne area--this most likely would not involve the entire day.

Please reply ASAP so he can let them know by tomorrow morning--it will need to be real early- before I head out to work at 7:00 A.M. so I can let him know. We will exchange phone numbers.

It should be someone willing to wear their PFD's and generally put their best foot forward (at least for a little while).

Had a call from Florida Today News. Our event will be covered in the Friday edition of the paper. A photographer and reporter will be on hand Saturday. Maybe someone can take them for a little spin around the area too! Lauren
I have no problem having a couple extra passangers. Give me a call at 409-920-0716 if you would like me to take care of them.