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Travel Chanel "Mysteries at the Museum"


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I was watching the Travel Channel "Mysteries at the Museum" the other day and the last story on the show was about Flt 401 crash. They were talking about how they used parts off the crashed plane to fix other planes. The planes they fixed seemed to be haunted by the crew that died on Flt 401.

They didn't mention Bud but they showed old news footage from the original crash during the show and there is a couple times you can see Bud and his boat helping the crash victims. I wished they would have named him but it was still a cool show to see! If you get a chance to catch it, it's worth the watch.

My dvr info says the episode is called "Lotto Scam, Somalia Pirates, Haunted Planes"


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You can see it here. http://www.travelchannel.com/tv-shows/mysteries-at-the-museum/episodes/lottoscamsomalipirateshauntedplane