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Trim Tab Idea


Just wanted to post this in case anyone's looking for trim tab ideas for a glass boat. It's pretty much set it and forget it. It pops up when you push the boat off the trailer on dry ground.

I used a 7"X4"X.090" thick aluminum hinge w/1/4" polymer fastened to bottom, 3/8" S.S. threaded rod & heim joint, an old spring from a welder ground clamp, and some aluminum angle that I had laying around.

You adjust the tab with the top nut and the strength of the spring with the lower nut and jamb nut. I will say this spring needs to be a little stronger, but it still works for normal cruising. I have a better S.S. spring on order.

I put one of these on a 12'6" glass boat w/cad 500 years ago and it even tamed that setup lol.



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You will think I am nuts but have done it many times,, take boat off the trailer, nose it up to trailer and raise bow up a wee bit, drag boat across the flattest concrete you can find,,,, "rest areas are known for this" you need not go too far with it, just using the concrete as a sanding belt per say, once planed out, touch up slick bottom and throw trim tab away.
I love the fact that you can forget it's even there, (from someone who ran up the hill with the tab down more than once) LOL!