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Trying to do something a little different !


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MY VISION FOR OUR CLUB! Besides the normal meetings and events the club attends ive tried to run our club a little different. Those who know me personally know im all about getting the kids in the woods and hunting , I just assume spend every nickle in the club account to see the look on kids faces's when they harvest their 1st animals and the pride on their momma and daddy's face watching them. I want all you guy's who have kids between 12-17 to get their hunters safety certificate and get with me so we can get them in the youth hunt program. For those who's kids are younger or older then 12-17 im going to personally set up some private land hunts so they can go to some club hunting events too , even if we all just get together and take the Airboats or Buggy's to the ridge on lake Kissimmee or Corbett area or the banks of lake Okeechobee and we build a fire and some Bbq and catfish or spec fish all night like we used to do with our daddy's growing up! That's my vision for the club ,doing family trips and spending time in the woods together , nobody wants to sit in a room once a month and argue politics all the time , id rather all of us sit in the marsh or woods some where and discuss the issues and the battles we want to take on. That's the key to keeping people involved and building a bond with each other and standing together and not backing down! I think we have already proven that our aggressive tactics and passion demands respect and gets results. I hope that all of you will really get involved and help me with this vision and new ideas and events! If you havnt done so already join us and get involved with the United Sportsmen For Traditional Heritage @ http://usfth.tripod.com/ Thanks guy's!!

tom-tom 863

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Glad to have such an advocate as you dusty! Can't wait to attend out first meeting just let us know when and where. I got the news letter and my membership card in the mail the other day! I am now a proud card carrying member and supporter of USFTH! :thumbleft:


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Dusty and all the folks that work so hard to put on these youth hunts get a big a boy, so come join in the fun, proud to be a member and a supporter of this great club. :salute: :salute: