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United Sportsmen and Airboaters Alliance (USAA) Swap Meet


The United Sportsmen and Airboaters Alliance (USAA) in conjunction with the Citrus County Airboaters Alliance (CCAA) are presenting the first annual Airboaters SWAP meet on March 04,2006 at GTO Airboats Complex. The SWAP meet will be from 9:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M. The swap meet is for anyone wishing to sell PARTS, eithe airboat or automotive. Contact Keith Sherouse at GTO ( 352-401-9070 or Jerry Wetherington at 352-392-2061 for more information.
Calling all airboaters and wannabees. Make your plans now to be at GTO airboats on hwy 326 just west of I-75 on March 4th. Bring stuff to trade or sell or come to look at whats available and buy the cool stuff to upgrade your ride. It's setup for the entire family so bring your better half AND the kids.
Aircraft or Automotive, it's all good. If you don't bring your stuff, you and someone who needs it both lose! Somebody NEEDS that part thats been sitting on your shelf collecting dust.
Call Keith to reserve a spot now!

And ride on Sunday at Orange lake, (maybe even on saturday night too). Is this a GREAT place or what?

To all you guys up in the FROZEN north, COME ON DOWN!!! This is what you have been waiting for!!

Lots of nearby hotels etc.

Bob/ swampjet
Here's the flyer for the Swap Meet:


And here's a link to the full size printable ".pdf": http://www.southernairboat.com/pdf/Swap-Meet-Flyer-2005.pdf
The swap meet sounds good, and I especially like the sound of riding on Orange Lake that evening and the next day. Are there still sensitivities of the locals about nighttime airboat sound? I'd hate to be part of the cause for a mass complaint that could result in bad stuff for the airboaters who live there. If it's all OK, then I'd love to make a group ride there!

The march monthly ride?

can't wait,,, rick we need to post that at the top of the screen so every one will see and show up
The SWAP MEET is on saturday march 4th, so a SAO ride on sunday march 5th on Orage Lake/Lake Lockloosa would be fun. Of course anyone who can be there can ride saturday nite too. There are several really good fishcamps on the lakes and on Cross Creek between the lakes. We could meet at Marjory Rawlings State Park and use that as a "base" for lunch and such.

Remember to bring the WHOLE family on this one. There will be stuff for the kids at the SWAP MEET and be able to tour the home of Marjory Rawlings, the author of "The Yearling". Gonna be a GREAT weekend!!

I'm gonna do my best to be there too. I'll probably have some steering handles, gator hunting equipment, and if I get the time some metal art. Heres a couple of pics if they work out. The coat racks have steel traps and railroad spikes for the coat hangers. Later Cajun



Cajun, GREAT stuff! You gotta get it there! All your stuff. Dangit, you are gonna sell a bunch!
So far it is looking good! We need anyone who is needing sales space (booth) to contact us so we can plan PROPerly. Spaces are still available, but don't wait. Bring your stuff, new or used. If you don't bring it to sell, then someone else goes home empty handed which could be what keeps that person from riding.
Hulls, rigging, props, carbs, headers, handles, decals,nuts and bolts, stuff, stuff, and more stuff. Get it here!
Reserve your space now!
Swampjet, if somebody doesn't have enough stuff to sell to justify a booth, can they still trade out of the back of their pickup?

To be honest, I'm not sure but I'll confer with the others and see what we can do. Maybe a Bubba's corner or something. Maybe put several people together in a space. I'll find out. Besides, you gotta bring your Antique motor pump and let it chug. Bring your son's spare parts, you don't have to tell him :lol: . He don't need those heads anyway!
OK .... I'm one of them that have a few things to sell, but sure would't need a space all to myself. Please see what can be done with that. I think that requiring a space may keep a lot of folks away that only have a couple of items. I'll be buying a lot more stuff than I'll be selling.

I've already sent my $$$$$ for a space and I'm not sure I'll need all of the space, so maybe someone has something can put at my spot with price marked . I'm sure there will be some of us with some space for those who may only have a couple of pieces. I may even bring a boat and leave it hooked up to the truck with a sale sign, not sure yet. Later
I've got a small display about the size of a notebook paper made of steel that I attach my magnets on. I was hoping I could snag a few square inches of your table Cajun and selll a few hundred of them. I'll give you a cut of course. I've been selling them on the Matco and Snap-on tool trucks, and I give the driver a cut too.

Looking forward to the event! :)

Are any of the guys in charge of the swap meet on here ( the forum ? ) Wonder if they would let me set up some boiled P-NUTS reg. and cajun ? I guess I'll call them if I can remember to in the day time, I don't think straight till dark. Later, Cajun

P.S.I thought this thread was gonna get a sticky or something so it stays on top so everyone will see it.