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United Sportsmen and Airboaters Alliance (USAA) Swap Meet



Cajun, I LOVE boiled peanuts ...... put me down for at least two big cups of 'em that day.



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Hey Whitebear,
Gotta have that stuff for sure. Heres a tip for some that don't know alot about boiling p-nuts. Once they are done let them soak in some of the p-nut liquor to absorb either the salt or the spice. If you have ever taken p-nuts out of the boiling liquor you will see the hull draw up, well if you leave in some liquor as they cool down they will draw the liquor into the hull. After that no matter if you bring them back to a boil they will have the flavoring in them. The way I do them is after they are done I put them in a cooler with some of the liquor to cool down and then if needed to heat up again , just drop them into some hot liquor and they are flavored and ready for the grubbing. Just alittle info for those who need it. Later Cajun


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R. I. P.
Yeh man ! I do em in my crock pot and when they are done I just turn it off and go to bed. Next day I bag em. Usually have to do 3-4 pots full at a time but hey, this is where its at ! I have added a dash of Tony Cacherets too...........grinn

I freeze the pot-liquor after I'm done. It keeps forever, just thaw it and boil more when needed. Just refresh it some now and then.



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Good news. The good news is that there will be boiled p-nuts there, but unless something changes I won't be doing them,the Citrus County Airboat Alliance is gonna be handling all the food products, but if anything happens they will let me know so I can do them. So we will see. If they do them make sure you buy bunches cause it is a fund raiser for their assoc. Maybe I'll just bring my still and sell some home brew. Later