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Upper St. Johns River Marsh Hog Dog Hunt


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I noticed that you can run dogs in the managment area January 25-29. I am always looking for a place to run the dogs. Anybody dog this area? Is it loaded with hogs?
Cur - I have to ask a few questions.

Do you haul your hog dogs in the boat?

Do you have chase dogs or just catch dogs to dump out the boat?

Do you use anything to protect their hearing?

A buddy's lab used to sit on the front of his boat and never seemed to develop hearing problems.

Lastly - when is the grill getting fired up?
Pat. Yeah I haul them in my boat. It depends on the area I hunt. If I am running and see a hog I will dump a dog on him. But I like to walk hunt so I'll park the boat sometimes and make a loop with the dogs. And I dont have any ear protection for the dogs. Saw the prior post with that lab in the plane. Interesting
WE run dogs every year down here an melbourne there is hogs all over just got to find them
Mood - My friend never used anything for protection for his dog. My lab would not sit in an airboat.

That photo looks like a good idea.