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US Troops turned away from Oakland Airport


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I just read on Fox news that a troop transport coming from Iraq was denied access to the Oakland Calf Airport and had to stay 400 yrds from the passenger terminal they were told that us troops were no longer welcome there I don't know about you but I am beyond pissed off about this and my friend and I just sent an email to Governor Swartzanager and voiced our opinion about this just thought you guys ought to know about this. I'm not cooling down about this one for a while !!!!
We got similar treatment out there when we returned from Viet Nam. Specially around the S.F. area were they fly a different flag than the rest of decent folks.
every one needs to spread the word about this one it is going on all over the state of California !!
I think California has separated it self from the rest of the country I think the biggest problem out there is Hollywood and all the liberals there un fortunately people listen to those jerks because they are movie stars John Wayne and Ronald Regan fought them for years
The far left. What a strange group of people with bizarre habits and life styles. What the hell has happened to there brains? Free love and drugs. It's all about choices and freedom. Freedom is a wonderful thing, but it does on occasion produce some strange by products. How can one strange community have such a negative impact on such a wonder country?

You can beat your Arse that they would not speak out like this in Iran, Iraq or any other place in the middle east. Let alone China or Russia. But then again they have the right to free speech. Just amazes me that they get some much attention.

How do you argue your point and perspective to a confused group of society that thinks it's Okay to bite the pillow, smoke the white owl , or take it up the stern shut?
This is one tuff battle. they seem to be so far to the left that there brains have completely developed a process that gors against the principles that protect them and this great country.

You just can not reach them. Thank God they do not reproduce alot. Is this a learned behavior or is it a genetic thing?
Also, I don't recall them having a problem with the military when we were under attack. I do recall the Army, marines and Navy personnel standing guard at the Golden gates and protecting their city, freedom and life style. Those young Americana's that serve in the military are this countries greatest assets. They protect even the ones that don't wish them well.

Man, that cuts me deep.

They are going at it on Orilley and Hannity & Colms.
Boy thats a bunch of BS dont them yuppy sorry SOB realize the reason they are still open running there little airport is for the fact our troops are over their dieing for there inconsiderate sorry arses . If this is what this world is coming to its time for a reallity check what the goveners email address :evil: :evil: :evil:
Oakland,Calif. home of O.J. Simpson is the armpit of the U.S. (one of them anyway)
they were actually doing them a favor.. they could have gotten plugged by a drive-by
your life is worth nothing there.. GI or civilian

it was that way when I was stationed at Edwards AFB, in the desert ( a great place to be stationed) ..everyone was
warned, not to got to Oakland...you are right next door to San Francisco..

the flower children let me know how they stood when I came home from Okinawa in May 1968.

nothing has changed in 40 years
From the article:

"As airport management has contended, the perceived slight was because Sawley informed them that the plane contained weapons and its passengers had not been cleared by the Transportation Security Administration."

TSA has to clear our own soldiers?
When I came back from VN in '68, an officer at Oakland Army Terminal where I was discharged asked me what I planned to do next.
I told him that I thought that I might grab a bus into town and have a couple of double cheeseburgers, which I did.

He said,"Well, welcome home, but if I were you I'd change into some civilian clothes before you do. They don't like us much on the street."

I personally have never had any desire to see California since that day. They can keep that Socialist cesspool as far as I'm concerned.