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TO COLD TO RUN???? I was out a week a go --( low 20ts) and had a ball... What you have to do is the same as I did get a Mustang Suit they are a class 3 PFD as well.. I cry every time I think of the price BUT WHEN I'm running the only place I feel the cold is on my face and hands The rest of me is as snug as a bug in a rug. And then it is worth every penny I spent for it. If I knew how to do the video thing I could put that run on here but I am still working on learning just the pics. yet.
Dan, just come on down sometime for one of our rides. You don't need to haul the boat. We'll find a seat for ya' :) .
Just an idea, Look at heated motorcycle leathers. just plug them into 12 volts. BMW and Harley sell them.
I'll have to look into the heated leathers. I also ride a motorcycle ocasionally. I run on the Platte River out here and they pull airboats off from October to February. We had a verry mild January this year but now in Feb it is cold again. The videos are more for my son...Every time I check out the website at home my 2-year old son comes up and says, " I want to see airboats daddy" We have watched all the videos on here at least 20 times each. He just don't get tired of them. The other day he woke up and came in to wake me up and I asked him to tell me a story and he just kept repeating "the airboat in the water on the river...vroooom" it is great. A future airboater in the making.


That was an awesome Post Dan!
Glad your son gets that much enjoyment from watching those videos.

I know all who have videos posted on this site will be proud of themselves when they read what you said, and rightly so.

Glad to hear you say, what I've thought to be true.

This is truly a site for Airboating Families.
Davie - Videos take up a lot of disk space & usually need to be downsized with "Windows Movie Maker" or other program.

If that's the case, you can email them to me & I'll see if I can get them uploaded to your gallery.