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If any one is interested in hosting one of the soldiers for the ride, could you send me a PM?? I will do it first come first serve so to speak. Right now we have about 10 who have said they are coming. If any one else knows of any service members who will be around and want to come join us, please invite them!!!

Also, I will be sending out the press release in the next few days ( I am no P.R. person but I'm gonna jump in and see what happens) and I put in it that if any reporters want to come and cover the story we will arrange for a seat for them. Is anyone willing to take them along if they show??? Last time we had 1 show up and he did a pretty good job I thought. I think Chris and Charity took him out if I'm not mistaken.

Lastly, I am not familiar with the area and the local media outlets so if anyone around there can send me the names and numbers of the T.V. and Radio stations that would most likely cover that area that would be great!!

Thanks everyone.

Adam, let us do this. We'll have at least two seats available on our boat.
We'll drop back and see who needs a ride and then be happy to take 'em.

You know we love youngins, but if you need me to haul reporters instead we can do it. No problem.

We will have one seat on our boat and would love to take someone out. What ever press release that you have Adam please email it to me so I can get it out to a few of the radio stations here. I have also arranged at the school I work out for some classes to write letters and they are also going to donate some items. But I am here for anything that needs to be done.

I'll have open seats for two soldiers. I think someone more familiar with the area would be better for the reporter thing. Hey Jose?

I have sent e-mails to local TV stations,I will follow up with phone calls in a few days.
Limey Chris!!! Long time no see!!! Last time I saw you was a year ago at the toy run on Lake Washington. Hey - if you want some advance recon of the ride area - a few weeks ahead of time, head on over to Laura and my wedding! It's roughly the same stretch of water.

On the volunteer - Someday (soon, I hope) we're going to have a larger boat with more seats. I'm really likeing Dakota's and Safari Rick's Hamat hull. But until that time, we're going to have to volunteer in another way.

Adam - you know there is going to be individual items donated - I know that was a chore for you and Nichole to put together last time - Your truck sure was packed high & wide with donations.

Maybe I can get with Dakota and help build the packages? I'm not sure howw that's gonna work out, but I'll be keeping my eye out for an opportunity to chip in on that.

As for the ride - if we're back from our honeymoon by then, we'll be out there in our boat. That ride is right about the time we'll be returning.

:) Looking forward to helping out and riding if we can! We're donating some items no matter what.

Hey Ya'll- just a little FYI

Reporters are seldom ever on time (bless their hearts) someone should plan on hanging back a bit to catch the late comers, Ken maybe you all could cover that. We had to do that the first troops event, and the wait was well worth the coverage. JMO
I have room for at least one. Count me in. I will check with the boys down here also. Looking forward to it. Scott
Thanks everyone. I am in the process of making up a spreadsheet to keep track of who is volunteering and what soldiers are coming and I'm using it to pair ya'll up. As I get it done I'll let you know who you are taking along.

Adam if we get all the things in early enough and have money to ship it there is a post office not to far away just a thought.
Woodswoman, I agree ....... most of the time they're lost and late. Liberals tend to be that way :) .

I've already talked with Adam. We'll still be breakin' in a new motor so we're not gonna be able to run with the Pack anyway, so we'll be happy to bring up the tail end and see who shows.
In the mean time we can help wrap some packages.


I think we'll need more help with boxing the packages as you mentioned. I'll bring my shipping tape gun.

Anybody else got one of these and boxes for shipping?

With Laura already reporting for duty up north I'm planning on being there to WORK. With the water level so low, I'm leaving our tired old boat at home.

I plan on hanging back at the lodge and being an anchor so to speak. Yes, I have a tape gun too, will bring it, thanks for the suggestion Basket.

Even though we are requesting complete packages, something tells me we're not going to be getting them all that way, and it's going to be a huge assembly-line out on that concrete slab. I'm ready to Git'r Done.

Today we're working on possibly making an appointment with the p.o. to drop these things off. Thanks for that idea Adam. We'll make multiple trips to the mims P.O. if they are open or will otherwise accomidate us, or the main Orlando branch is open 6am till midnight 7 days a week.

A call to the post office has educated me. If we have scales to weigh our packages, we can go online and print our own mailing labels, fill out the customs forms ONLINE, pay for postage with a credit card, and the post office will PICK UP the boxes. And we will also be able to have delivery confirmation.

But with such a large amount of boxes, it may be easier to drop them off. (it's just the maill carrier who would do the picking up)

Can someone bring a scale? And can someone bring a computer with cellular internet? (and a printer)??? Whoever pays for the postage with the credit card can be reimbursed on the spot with the postage money and it'll be a done deal.

I'll try to remember to bring a couple of 6' folding tables, and I'll check into getting some packing noodles too.

Post Office in Mims is open till noon on the 16th.If we call before we come they will take us at the back door to save us time.Thanks for the info Geneva0550.
We're going to need to find some scales to BRING TO THE SITE. Does anyone have some scales? Adam, how much (what range) do those packages weigh? Scale needs to be for 5# to 30#???

We need scales and portable internet AND A PRINTER. No word yet if Jessica will let us use the Loughman office internet and printer. Probably best if we provided our own.

If so we can bring the postoffice to us and not have to worry about a thing. We can print our own lables, and pay the postage online. I'm told there is a short customs declaration form which must be filled out for each package. This can also be done online.

Hey, we're a INTERNET based club, right? Why not use the Internet to our advantage???!!!

We still may want to truck off the boxes, but all the paperwork and money will have already been figured out. In fact, anyone can haul off the boxes - the post office will even pick them up at your home.

Like last time, we need to be sure to get photos of all the goodies we are sending over. Not only is this good PR for us, but it helps inspire and motivate other groups to do the same thing. If everyone wins, we need to make sure it happens.

I sure wish we could CHALLENGE a couple of other specific clubs (citrus? broward? kissimmee?) to do the same thing. We all know the KRVSA can pick up the most trash, but who can send the most care packages to our troops? :) It just makes for that many more of our Sons & Daughters have a little bit of home while they are so far away.

(that's never a bad headline)

moodfood":2q7fs7t7 said:
Adam, how much (what range) do those packages weigh? Scale needs to be for 5# to 30#???

That would be plenty....I don't remember what most of them wieghed last time but it was probably in the 5# range.

I really appreciate the help from everyone...there is no way one person could make this go off by themselves, but everyone is really coming through in the clutch and I think it's gonna be great!!! Cold, maybe but still awesome!!!