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I think as long as we get everything packaged and labeled we will be fine.Lets let Post office earn their keep.I do not want to make this an all day affair trying to get packages to Post office,We still have a ride to get in and a raffle to get done.Thanks for the ideas Matt,we sure will need your help boxing items.
My bass club has a digital scale I will check with them and see if I could borrow it. no promises.
in case it got missed - I'm staying back and not going on the ride.

Last year there were stragglers and even donations from the public who saw it in the paper and just wandered in.

I'll stay to process those donations.

The scale and doing this online is not to save the postoffice any work - it's to save me (and whoever else hauls the stuff away) the pain of sitting there waiting to pay while they weigh and glue postage on all the boxes. Adam said it took over an hour last time. And we're expecting a greater turnout this time around!

will do it if I need to, just trying to make the most of my time.

I believe I can get a UPS scale and I have a laptop with an aircard as long as we can get a signal with it. I can use my printer from the office if we need it.

Just let me know
Do we have to use USPS or can we use UPS?
Just asking cus I don't know
I have a UPS account and self sticking labels to use that will print out.

OH I to have three 6 foot tables that we can use to.
The Mims post office sent me about 50 of the US Customs lables needed for the packages. I can bring them to loughmans friday night or saturday morning. I can have them send me more if you think we will need them.
I can bring some tables too. Some of the same ones from the wedding reception. (I shoulda just left them there)

But it makes me wonder how much we should bother setting up.... Skeeter told me of some other event (possibly) later in the day at the same spot? I saw mention of it but no hard facts. Maybe just set up in the campsite area? Or by the gator pit?

Is there any conflict?

Adam, Let us know how many tables you like. It looks like we have about 5 to 6 (total) available from the S/A crew. I can get a couple more if I clean off the tables I'm using as work benches in my shop. (Now, that's a chore!) :lol:
I'd just as soon leave as small a footprint as possible...bring the tables but leave 'em in the trucks, if we need them we know where they are. I've never even been to Loughman so I have no clue as to what I'm getting into regarding the layout. I've relied on Skeeter to figure all that out for me. One thing I've found out from my time in the military is that no matter how well thought out the plan is, it almost always changes as soon as you hit the ground.....the key is to BE FLEXIBLE!!!!

We will be fine on the concrete slab, we should not need more than 3 tables.Dave can get more labels if needed.I have 40 to 50 boxes coming for packing items in.Lets not get to carried away,we want to pack and go as fast as possible.We will have plenty of man power. I will be there Fri night to get area roped off and signs directing everyone to that area, so everyone knows where to go Sat morning.
Not much point of putting out press releases if we get it all finished and hauled away 10 minutes before they arrive late.
I think what Skeeter means is that none of us wants to have to sit around and pack boxes ALL DAY. If it comes to that, no problem that means we had a HUGE turnout!! With the outpouring of support that I think we will have this long timeline shouldn't be the case. I think there will be several folks staying back to take care of any last minute things so even if someone comes a little late they can still pitch in and we can get their stuff included.

The press release has a time of 10 AM, I think. I doubt we'll be leaving to go then...espescially if the weather is cold like today (I'm all for letting the sun warm things up a bit :p ).
I think we should drive our airboats into mims and deliver the packages by airboat to the post office ... talk about making a statement that would do it.
cntry141iq":n3vdf4j3 said:
I think we should drive our airboats into mims and deliver the packages by airboat to the post office ... talk about making a statement that would do it.

We may have to.... :wink:

Sorry guys if I seem to be a little defensive.But my boy has been here all week and he is leaving to go back to Dover to get ready to leave for Iraq and I'm a little distracted right know. :( But everything is coming together,and I cant say enough about all the help that has been pouring in.See everyone there.Be stay traveling.

I thought your son was gonna be able to make the ride with us? Tell him to stay safe, keep his head down and go kick some "sheethead" butt!

Will say a prayer for him for safe passage there and back. Please tell him we really do appreciate his dedication and courage.

No kidding Jeff!!! I hope your son is able to make it to the ride in just over a week, Skeeter.

If not, we'll consider him there "in spirit".

I know we're thinking of him and others like him a lot these days. Even more so during the holidays.

God Speed to him. We hope he comes out of "his adventure" a stronger person.

Thanks for all the kind words guys,but unfortunately he was not able to get his leave scheduled for that week.But he sends his best and appreciates everything we are doing for the troops.
Has anyone thought about asking the post office to come to us and pick up the packages??? I have been told they do that stuff and this seems like a good reason for them to come out there. Just a thought