I asked about that cntry - they will if we go online and print/pay the postage ahead of time. They will bring whatever size truck it takes to pick them all up.

Skeeter's point about keeping a small footprint is a good one, Adam's point about being flexible is something to remember too.

Thanks Dwader about the scales - if we can get online and access to a printer the shipping of these pups will be complete.

It may not be needed - but I like the flexibility to do so. It's pretty easy.

I'll bring my laptop - but I need to hardwire to a connection. That leaves a printer and the only missing link for that possibility. It'll probably be next year till I get one of those cellular internet cards for my computer.

Looking good - I hope we get TEN TIMES as much stuff as last time!!! There's gonna be some happy soldiers!!!

Hey - Last time we were asked to send some hard candy - It turned out that this was not just for the soldiers - they passed it out to kids over there as a good-will gesture. Is that still going on? Is a bag of hard candy a good thing to include in a package?

Adam - your Cherokee was packed high and wide - good show!!! :thumbup: