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Wally Thompson


Well-known member
(Shared from the Utah Airboat Forum)

Larry S, called to let me know that Wally Thompson passed away this morning. Wally was one of the true "old-timers" among us. If you owned an airboat with an aircraft motor, you probably had Wally on your speed dial list. Wally always seemed to know how to fix your problems, and always seemed to have the part needed.

Wally drove the airboat for the Willard Spur hunting club. If you launched your boat at the spur, you probably met and talked with Wally. Wally always came out to see how you were doing, tell you how the hunting was and share a story or two with you.

Wally had requested no funeral and no viewing. At this time, I do not know if there will be a way to contact the family to share your thoughts and condolences. If more info becomes available, I will post it on the forum.
Sorry to hear of a old timer airboater's passing. Too many good guys passing away now a days, sorry about the loss in your air boatin community.
The stories these fellas can tell , have told, to be remembered and retold by the next generation around a campfire some day.