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Water level at the dam in Lake Washington

Hog Guts

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With enough forward momentum you should be able to make it over the bridge. Just keep arms and other stuff inside the boat it's not too wide... Make sure motor not locked down that could be a problem :)

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X2 hog guts

As long as you have enough speed and sack and the motor is set to pop up, you can do it!!!!!


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Yeah that's what we need kicker boat flyin over (airboat crossing) that was just half redone with new wood just to get it gouged up again!


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That is a Checkmate Speedboat like he is talking about. I really don't think he is seriously gonna jump the dike in that. My suspicion is he is having a little fun with us, and so I ran with it.

And honestly, if he is really ballsy enough to do it, I just hope I get to see it happen... From a safe distance!!


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