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water level for feb ride

Well as of this past weekend the water levels are looking good, been coming down but still plenty deep. It is actually a bit higher then I prefer, I love the skinny water when its less the a foot deep max. I have heard the north side is getting pretty dry but I,m sure the south side will be perfect.


I was asked Tuesday night if the frogs were out in 3A?
Tried to explain that everytime I've been out there boats pull them out by the bucketsfull! (A new red-neck word)!

3a south the water should be great, shame I won't be there.
Mama bought tickets to see King Tut, and there aint gonna be no getting around that.

P.M. Me your nextel direct connect Basket, or Mood, or Cntry.
If I can make it for Sunday a.m., I'll try you folks Sat night, for a link-up location on Sunday a.m.
I'll be out there this Saturday and will try to give an update first of next week. I've never been before so I may not be a good reference for what the water level should be like.
I was in 3A Saturday and the water level was fine for riding. We put in at mm35 and made the trip to the microwave tower. We only covered about 50 miles but it was great. That is definately a fun place to ride. I'll post of few pics in my gallery.
Gas for the ride. I am not sure how much rideing everyone wants to do but I am plan on hanging out all day saturday. I have a 30 gal tank should I bring an extra can?
That would depend on how much your boat burns. Some folks have been talking about it being a 75 mile ride to do the loop one time.