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Water level in Gardners Marsh ?


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Looking for a good place to ride the 1st week or two in May something with good water. We live in Georgia


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We were up there October 24 and couldn't run all the way through the Marsh. Not looking good for Thanksgiving, bud. We'll still have a good time. We've got the Mustang Center!


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any water in the marsh? Anyone riding there this weekend, if so let us know how it is!


Hambone79 said:
Pipe we are up here now will let you know
Hambone sent this to me to post! :thumbleft:



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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: good one Jeff, we been getting hammered with rain down south. Don't know how much you guy's were getting, was hoping it was enough for a car motor boat to run the marsh :banghead:


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well pipe next weekend you and the car motor guys just may actually be able to enter the marsh. without a whole lotta worry about puking ethylene glycol all over the fancy boats :stirpot: :angel4: seriously though you can puddle jump as of Sunday if the rain continues then water should pretty good all the way.