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water walker???????


im thinking about buying a 66" water walker for my 0290-d2 does anyone have experience with one on that small of a motor im curious if its worth it my boat does just fine with the florida airboat paddle but im always looking for more. down here in louisiana were pretty ruff on props so i might come out better in the long run with something i can replace the blades on if it will swing it..thanks..
Well if you do buy it, please let us know how it work out, being able to adjust the pitch might make all the diffrence in the world, especially since the O-290 has a wide hp range, and it's hard to tell exactly what the engine is really making.

I have a 66x34 FAP Paddle on my PE90 and it seems to do fairly well, especially for a very heavy boat. Problem is it just won't turn better than 2,600rpm, many the Water Walker might provide that "just a little more" that we're always searching for. 8)
call sensenich and see if their narrow blade will be suitable?being that it is a narrower blade might help.my buddy had one on a 160 and was spanking 200 all day.
Hi Robert, (cont520) I purchased a cypress 68", (short engine stand, full cage), lycoming 0360, pitch set for about 2750. It performs well, (as you said). Had stick prop and was looking for less noise, but dang, at about 2000 rpm up, it gits into my ears something fierce, (as bad or worse than stick prop).
Been out of boating for years and not up on these new props. Advertizing says they are quieter, but I dont find that true with my rig. Prop is down about 6" below transom, could this have any effect on noise? Any ideas or comments folks? There is many years of knowledge, (and help) on this forum.
Thanks, R L.
bobs around- he returned my phone call earlier today in about 15 mins..........and thank you bob for the info. :)