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waterthunder about a motor

Hey Henry, Send him a PM. He's always answered mine promptly. Go ahead and get that check book out. Remember---if you order a 500hp---I'm gonna get a 550. :lol:
I just talked to him a little bit ago he is on his way to Tampa in his truck so it might be later today or tomorrow before he gets back to you
i sure wish i would have started off with one of those motors-it might seem like a chunk at first but ive got waaayy more than that in this caddy and ill be lucky if i get 450 hp , very lucky......and im still not on the water-that alone has value.
Yea it put a dent in my wallet but it was worth every penny and the customer service you get from thunder is second to none, sounds like Harvey is thinking about one also
you can't go wrong with one of his motors they really preform well and tons of torque.
I was doing a dyno pull all day and just finished for the day. Anyway I PMed you with the best way to reach me! I now have a killer fuel injected combo I have been working on!
It's the torque curve I'm chasing and she has got it. It's a new motor and the first combination I have done like this! When I'm done I expect between 580HP to 600HP with this combo but right now the torque curve is the most flat thing I have ever seen! I need to make some minor valve train changes and I'm right there and I never pulled it over 6,000RPM. Also the motor had extremely low BSFC numbers in the 3's and it wasn't lean the EGT's were in the 1,200 range that tells me it is a very fuel efficient motor to the point it's almost unbelievable!