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We Had Fun


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Congratultions Matt and Laura I am very happy for you guys. I would also be willing to help Taxi people with the boat if you have an "Airboat Wedding". I think just about everyone would be willing to help, all you have to do is say the word and we are there. Sorry I missed the New Years run but I should be at the next one.
See you guys soon.


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Thanks for all the well wishes everyone! This is such a fine group of people I am still amazed.

This was something I was planning for a little time, and I carried that ring in my pocket for 3 days before taking bended knee.

There is one thing I did not mention... While we were out there sitting on the dark, quiet, moonless, starry night, watching the stars in the sky and reflected in the water, she gasp at the sight of a shooting star. I happened to see it also at the same moment. She made a wish. I made a wish. 5 minutes later BOTH our wishes came true... She wished I'd ask, I wished she'd say yes. :love3:

We're looking forward to a hitchin' out in the marsh. It's where we are happiest. And all the offers of being a "taxi" may just be taken up. But we'll not call them a "Taxi".... Isn't an "Usher" a more appropriate name? If it's at the milk bus, Camp mack's tour boat will also be much helpful, and if it's at PawPaw Mound, Loughman's tour boat will be rented. I think we're going to try to keep it small. (I'll bet that's been said before!)

We'll keep everyone informed. We're going to have the only wedding invitatations (that I've ever seen) that list GPS numbers instead of driving directions!

Thanks again for all the well wishes!