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Weahyakapka Creek


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Members of Florida Sportsman's Conservation Association, Osceola County Airboat Association, and Kissimmee River Valley Sportsman's Association on Sunday made a challenge to go from Tiger Lake to Lake Walk on Water Lake :eek: we all thought the challenged was crossing HWY 60 that might have been the easy part, cutting through all the fallen trees was an obstacle but we all overcome that challenge. We departure from Tiger Lake at 8:30 am. and around 1 p.m. we had lunch on big gobblers grill in sumica under the oak tree's on Lake Walk on Water the ride back was nicer than the ride over its not a ride for a noveist airboater or one that doesn't pay attention or a boat without Palmer. It's a ride I won't forget and would do again. We had 12 boats that went through three lakes and two creeks the trip was 45 miles round trip and with a couple stops including lunch was a ride that took the whole day. We all arrived back in Tiger Lake around 6 p.m. one of the boats had to be pulled back but it was at the end of the trip. We had about every type of boat you can think of foot & hand steering, single & double router, fiberglass, aluminum, even a car motor boat we all had a blast most of all it was good to see all 3 clubs just out socializing and doing what we love. :)
I wasn't aware that you could do that either!
I know that there's a small creek that runs between Rosalie and Walk-in-Water, but I didn't think it was passable.
At some point you would have to cross over the old Hwy 60 that used to run through there years ago. It's probably overgrown now and doesn't even look like a road anymore. There's still a paved section of it that runs through Keen's ranch.
That sounds like a lot of fun.
That's a cool little trip.

Question: Did you cross OVER 60 or go under it? If you went under, how much clearance did you all have? If the water was up 18 inches or 2 feet where it's supposed to be, would you still have had the clearance under the bridge?

Either I'm thinking of the wrong creek bridge on Hwy 60 or you went over the road. :twisted: :shock:

I'd like to "invade" lake pierce from Lake Hatchineha in a similar creek trail trip. Sheriff's office phones would probably melt from all the calls!!!

Yes it is very cool to see a bunch of clubs doing activities together! Way to go y'all.
When we left Tiger we knew we could make it to Highway 60 we didn't know what was south of 60. 11 boats went under 60 and one boat went over the highway. We went hundred yards south of 60 and needed a chainsaw big gobbler made the call we had a chainsaw in 30 minutes, but we used it three more times I don't believe you need one anymore. There is three or four homesteads along this creek south of 60 they were taking notes don't know if they called the law but they don't own the Greek.Clarence on the bridge is 10 feet. I believe the water can come up two More feet and most boats could pass under Highway 60 bridge. There is rocks old polls under the bridge, and half way between Highway 60 in Lake walk on water there is an old train track the only thing left is the polls and they are low to the ground keep your eye out for them. The other two trips I made only once to Highway 60 not because I didn't want to because there is floating trash in the creek even though they don't pay gas tax or have FL. numbers I turned around the second time I couldn't stand I come to an idol and went by they took pictures like I was a criminal I would like to have give them a piece of my mind but my wife would not let me, but the waters is low and its litter free. Just remember you cannot unload a airboat on Lake Rosalie public ramp, but the creek between Tiger and Rosalie is a nice ride to.
As to the three clubs it was nice even though we rag each other a little. :wink: