weather for the ride


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Man oh man. The forcast keeps getting worse. I am not scared of rain but wind 15-20 with gusts of 35mph. I hate the wind. Oh well I will make sure I have my foul weather gear in the boat. :evil:
Well, I'm going to the FAA meeting and then I will look for all the SA crew but I don't think I will be bringing my boat down from Palm Bay due to the harsh weather in store for us this weekend.
I think we may be able to rig up something Faron and bring it with us. That would look pretty funny towing two airboats.
I don't have pictues but we have towed 2 at a time before.
My father hauled two boats to Mexico City that way.
He had to make an adapter on the back of the trailer.
Hey ya'll,

Cntry, Stan and Bravo are in Holiday already! (I bet he's tryin to catch all the frogs before Larry and I get a poke at it)! CC and Mood are on thier way here. We'll be at the ramp in the morning, just havta go from there.


I took a ride, with boat on trailer to Holiday Park,,,,,,we got lots of rain, bad weather here last night from 12 till 3am..the tent area is flooded,,,,i was at ramp from 9 till 10..didnt see anybody with airboats, but while at the gas station on us-27, there was several boats from the Citrus county airboat alliance, who said they were gonna go to mm 35, and run to Berguron's gonna take another ride in a while, Holiday is pretty close to my house.
Hey ya'll,

No curse for us, another successful Southern Airboat monthly ride in the books! We got to meet Gator Jeff, Curdog and a few others for our cold, wet ride to the camps Saturday. Then the skys parted for our ride back to the ramp to lead CC and Dakota to Duck Camp. Mood and Gordon built one blazing camp fire for all to enjoy. We did hear sounds out in the swamp Saturday night though, (so we went for a nightime ride in search of the Swamp Ape, only to find out it was the elusive 2-cycle blender boat)!

Sundays ride was a typical, awesome South Florida/Everglades day for riding. I counted 14 boats total when we met up with Swampjet, Woodswoman and their group. About another 12-14 boats at the tower. I didn't miss anything by missing the "duper bowl" as we had our own receivers diving for 'jello-shots' into alligator infested waters! Now where else ya' gonna see people wrestle 10-12 foot gators for a drink!

I have to say a special thank you to Larry, Gordon, Glen, Pete and all the other Broward club members that welcomed Southern Airboat to the Everglades. And thank you to all the above for the 'history lesson" on all the camps! It's very evident what hurricane Wilma destroyed out there and the lifetime of memories that some lost from that destruction. Hope that maybe some of us can help in the rebuilding process in the near future. First class people with first class boats, (Westside's one "Glades" style rocket ship passed me at about 70 on Saturday before he hit the brake)!