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What are these bolts?


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Hello all:

I am just getting around to mounting the alternator on the boat. (It was off when I got the boat, but was told it goes here.) I thought these were studs threaded in the block. They are, but when trying to get the nuts off, both studs loosen out a bit....then start turning. The nut isn't (easily) coming off, nor the stud coming out. It backs out maybe 1/2" then just spins and doesn't come all the way out. I put a little "outward" pressure on it as I turned it and it didn't aut, but thought I would check before I mess something up trying too hard to get it out. Any thoughts on this? If it is just a stud, I can apply more pressure to try to get it to grab threads, etc.



That is called a through stud. It actually goes all the way through the case and holds the cylinder on the other side. Usually you can hole the other side with pliers and remove nuts in picture. Don't grab to hard and damage the threads on the stud. Once the starter bracket is installed don't forget to torque the nuts on the cylinder back down.
You could probably adapt some type of bracket to the through bolts but honestly I wouldn’t. Your probably better off buying a experimental B&C alternator that mounts to your vacuum pad drive. Super easy install and those alternators are pretty tough.
I went out and took a look at it last night. There are no (obvious) bolts on the other side. I will try to spin it again and see if anything on the other side moves. It's almost as if the other end is inside the case. I may take off the breather cap right there to see if I can figure it out.
Yall were right! (Of course.) I would have bet $1,000 that when looking that the bolts on each side that they were not in line! lol. Maybe I need to slow down with the beer. Thanks all!
Use the bellhousing flange bolt hole, cut the unused tab off the starter bracket to use the other bellhousing hole, bolt a piece of angle to that and build from there.