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What are we eating???


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I thought it might be a good I dea to go ahead and figure out who is bringing what for the dinner.

I'll bring some plates, and Moods favorite silverware(plastic). I'll also bring some baked beans. If Nicole is able to come, she'll bake some homemade chocolate chip cookies(they are the best, it's the only reason I married her...hey...stop swinging that thing.....)

What is the situation there about a campfire? And fuel for it?

I'm thinking of cooking something ahead of time and then keeping it warm on a scrap of expanded metal over some coals. Chili maybe. HOT & SPICY chili!

I wonder if the cost of hot sauce is rising due to Katrina. I know there were a lot of chilipepper refineries in that area! :)

And Adam.... with remarks like that, we'll know why you have a big black-n-blue mark upside your head!!! :D


Consider setting up a fund for donations for a bottle of BullFrog 36. Man of your many talents shound remember to keep some on hand for Nicole.

As to food, let's get an idea of the boats attending and then it might be easier to decide.

Why not a airboat scavenger hunt meal? Main course = Kill it and eat it.
I had some lotion on hand....problem was it was Hawaiian Tropic SPF 8...OOOPS!!!

You can build a fire out there if you want...bring some charcoal or scrounge up some wood. There should be plenty.

BTW...I just got off the lake today....it is getting DRY!!!\

We are also going to the meeting so let me know what I need to bring that won't ruin. We will have a cooler but I can bring like some type of dessert as well. Just let me know what you all want.