What date works best???

Which date do ya'll want???

  • November 19/20

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  • November 26/27 (right after Thanksgiving)

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  • December 3/4

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You've got one foot on a banana peel and the other on the planning committee. :)

Dec 3 sounds good to me, but it depends on Laura's schedule with her new job at the hospital. I'd hate to go without her!

This is going to be a daytime ride, right?

Oh man.....we've got Homestead in November and going on a cruise first week of December. I have to say though, weekend after Thanksgiving could be done. You reading this honey? Lot of great ideas out there floating around. I am game for whatever the group decides.

We ought to plan these things - at least in pencil more than 3 to 4 weeks ahead. You know, some sort of flexible gridwork to work from. Even if it is every 6 weeks or so, we can still call it a monthly run. With these gas prices, and with our own riding that we do, it gets a little expensive to do a ride once a month.

Want to make the next one after this coincide with the FAA meeting in south Florida?

After that, an april ride is about at the lowest water stage of the year. Where can we ride in that dry season?


See what happens! Give a woman the keys and.....Just kiddin' honey!

Might have a special guest with us if I can talk Rusty into forgetting about the cruise and going airboating instead!

Diamondback is once again hosting a poker run and an an obstacle course run on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and they have rolled out the Welcome Mat for SAO.