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What happened ?


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I am new to the airboat world and would like to have someone with experience show me the ropes. 13'6" apache with a 0540av. Leesville la. Jasper tx area


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Getting a mentor to "learn you" is a very smart decision.

It does come with risk for the mentor!

I almost impaled Blu into a Willow tree 30 minutes into it on a narrow trail. Thank God it was a rotten limb.


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to the guy from leesville, or jasper. There are only a handful of ac boaters around here. Me being one of them let. We (friends and I) ride in anahuac tx a lot. maybe you could come meet us sometime.


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Sounds good but schedule is kinda messed up. Since making this post originally I just got back. Be off till end of feb then gone for about six months. Boats ready tho so if y'all make a run pm me.