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What prop


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I have a 12ft gilleo square nose with lycoming 0320 rite now has 5 blade on it and im not happy with it at all was looking into a 2 blade whats the best out there its a ride hunt boat lot of dry ground and skinny water some deep
I run a 72" whisper tip on a very similar setup, it pushes like a tractor but doesn't have the best snap. I would say anything 2 blade in the 68 to 70 range is probably the best for what you want. 68 cypress is my vote.
I'm fixing to pull my rig apart to do the bottom you can try out my 72 sometime and see what it does. Is your motor stock?
Yea stock 150 i think imma order a new cyrpess talked to everyone and seems thats the beat for what i do with my boat
Try out a few options before you buy a new prop, most reputable dealers will let you try a prop before you buy.
I had a ww cypress series on my 180 12 ft gilleo and was really happy with the low end grunt/push. Top end wasnt that great though which I didnt care about. I agree it's all in the individual boat setup though.
Top not really worried about i need the low end for running dry i run alot of dry and some pretty thick stuff when hunting
Rite now my boat has a 66 warp drive on it and im not a fan of it i actually hate it not near enough push and so damn loud