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what ya turnin it


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thers been so much discussion on this site about car boat hp redution and props i was thinking it would be fun to see just what everybodys really runnin out there in airboat land aircraft and gpu guys also engine redution and prop size and make also hull metal work etc. i currently have 2 boats one is a 13x8 diamond back owl slick bottom ss 4seat riggin z383 425 hp 2.30 to1 bluelightning belt 82inch 3 blade sirius by water walker. the second is a 10x6 diamondback with poly pe90 maybe 140hp condiut riggin 1 seater 66inch cypress by water walker . this may have been done before sometime my memory fails me . oh i forgot prop rpm at wot on boat 1 2173.9 at 5000rpm boat two 2750 dd.
13" Big-O with slick bottom, powered by a 150hp 0-320 Lyc. and a 68x36 Sensenich kevlar tipped wood prop. Just had the metal work rebuilt single front driver and double rear.

Also have a 12'6" cottonmouth with slick bottom, 160hp 0-320 Lyc and a two blade Sensenich narrow blade composite prop.

They both do pretty well, no hill screamers but they ride alright.
16 BY 8 GLASS HULL - stainless pancake 3/ 8 POLY- 506 CAD - 268 ROTATOR -80 in THREE BLADE SUPERWIDE at between 2 1/4 and 2 1/2 at 4850 ! I need 1800 prop rpms to make happy at this pitch !
13'X 7' 6" Ultra light new style flat bottom diamondback .125 bottom and .090 sides and rake. Continental 0550 permold case and crank with gtsio cyls. Currently running a 3 blade Qseries prop at 2900 rpm set about a CH above the 2 mark
507ci Cad 2:1 Precision Gear reduction, three 78" K blades. Engine turning 4,500 rpm, prop spinning 2,250 rpm on a 15' X 7.5' Alumitech AGI hull. No complaints here, does everything I expect and then some.
15 ft rivermaster set up to seat 5 stainless riggin,steelflex 2000 on bottom.514 cid cadillac 1.9 reduction with a 2 blade 78inch sensenich ultrawide.
12'6 by 7'6 alumitech 1/4" polymer.480 lycoming with a 74" Q series set on 2 spining it 2900.
15 by 8 Diamondback ride hull with aluminun rigging and pancake cage. SBC 434 w/6-71GMC, 2.68 Stinger and 3 blade Superwide. Should be done in a month or two if i dont blow it up on the trailer :cherry: !
I run an 18x7 panther hull with a 530 Cadillac, 2.68 rotater, and a 3 blade 82" super wide. I can turn my motor to 5000rpm with my prop set at 2 1/2. I fouled a cylinder the day of my test run so I feel with all 8 cylinders hitting next I should be able to spin my 82" up to 5000rpm with the prop set at #3
15' Rivermaster, 520ci Cadillac, 2.38:1 Stinger, 3 blade Sensenich 79" K set at 3, Rear driver, Double front. 5000 + at WOT. Makes me GRIN every time I mash the gas.
15'8" x 8 aluminium bear deck boat 1987 model, 509 cadi 2:1 belt drive 8 blade turbo warp drive @ 80 " front 4 blades at 8 rear 4 at 12 degrees prop rpm 2400 engine rpm 4800.
14' x 7' Ronnie Thibodeau with 7 stringers, 30" sides fully welded inside and out bulkhead with 39" solid grass rake. Powder coated steel rigging with access doors in the cage and expanded metal on blade path. Powered by ZZ4 with 2.3:1 Franlin CH3 belt reduction and turning 78" Sensenich "K" series 3 blade prop. Also run a 12 gallon oiler system with aviation spraying nozzel. The boat has 1/4" Diamond slide poly on bottom and sides and I have her set to spin 4950 @ WOT. She pounds ground and there is no where I have found yet I could not go.
15by7'6 gto alluminum hull,383stroker@425hp, 2.09 stinger gear reduction,76"k series sensenich 3blade, turning 5000 WOT! 3/8 poly, aluminum rigging
Always better with pics..

16x8 Classic/Panther. 454 DD. 5 blade WarpDrve. 2900 max Rpm.