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Whats The Plan


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Whos ridin saturday and where?

Whos ridin saturday night and where?

Whos ridin sunday and where?

what times ,what ramps ,to any spots?

are there any maps? havent seen any Mood Maps

just wondering whos doing what and when its next weekend!

I am planning right now going to the swap meet on saturday and the ride on sunday


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I won't be at the swap meet but I will be riding Saturday night if anyone wants to. I haven't decided yet where I'll be putting in at. Probably Sportsman's Cove in MacIntosh. I can't ride Sunday.



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Sorry Croc - with the move and all, I've not had time to make a map of this one! I never realized that in ten years I had accumulated so much crap at my shop!!!



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I'll be riding Saturday nite and Sunday. I'll be staying at Sportsmans Cove RV park in Macintosh. I belive the Sunday meeting place is still at Marjory Rawlings State Park. Somebody correct me if I am wrong/mistaken. I dont think a time has been established though. There are other camps in the area that are great. I'll be getting with Keith @ GTO in a few hours so when I get back I'll post some more camp info.
If you haven't been to Orange Lake/Lake Locloosa and Cross Creek then YOU NEED to be there.
(Keith told me he got about 15 pounds of frogs last nite)
Oh yea, there are LOTS of gaters, bald eagles, and Beautiful riding.



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We will be at the Swap Meet bright and early but we will be leaving after that. No riding this time for us. Hope you guys have fun and we will see you at the Swap Meet.


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Here are some places to stay:
Sportsman's Cove Resort
on Orange Lake
Ave. F, McIntosh,Fl. 32664
Ph. 352-591-9644

A Family Tradition Fish Camp
14430 east County Road 325
Cross Creek,Fl
Ph. 352-466-3228

Tell them I sent ya.

Capt. Bob


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The weather man says it's gonna be BEAUTIFUL this weekend. Who all is gonna be there and what time does everybody want to meet ? I'll be at Sportsmans Cove so I'll be heading across the lake to get to Rawlings Park.
Come by at the Swap Meet and introduce yo'self.

Capt. Bob