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When and Where?


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Alright! I'm glad to see that we have settled on Melbourne for our gathering.

I'm starting to recieve inquiries on when and where we are actually planning on pulling this thing off. Am I correct in asuming that Camp Holley is the place? If not lets please decide so I can alert everyone.

Next, what time are we looking at? I realize that there are many of us coming long distances and some are coming a day early or a day late. No problem as far as I'm concerned but I still need an approx. hit time so I can put it out when I am talking to others.

Also, I think it would be good for the media to attend IF we all agree to strive hard to set a good image. We all know about the muffler thing and I'm pretty sure we all know how to tone it down in front of the cameras, but little things like the PFD's, drinking (on camera I mean:D ), etc, would go a long way in helping dispel any negative image that may have been wrongly given to our community.

Any thoughts??

we can park at camp holly but I'm waiting on the airboat assocition to let me know if we can use the ramp there they have 3 ramps, should know by the end of the week they are across the river from one another we need to find out the time 10,11,12 let me know when the best time suits you guys... I have all day and night
I'll say that 10am or so would be best for me. I really don't want to have to get there super early.

Once we decide what time we'll meet, I'll get there early and get set up to take the donations so we don't have to worry about them on the run and if anyone wants to leave before me they can without still having it in their vehicle. I'll lock everything in my wife's vehicle.

10:00AM sounds good to me.

cchardt, when you know about the ramp location, let me know & we'll get all the information posted at the top so everyone can start making their plans.

blackpowderscout, looks like you've created lot of interest in your military care package idea. I think we'll fire up the mass mail feature on this forum just to make sure everyone knows when, where, what, etc..
Thanks Rick, I agree. I'm glad to see that everyone seems willing to help these soldiers out. Let me know if you need any more info or if anyone has any suggetions on how to make this better.
Anyone out there that either knows media folks, or knows someone that knows them that can get them to come and cover this event??

Even if you don't know them, call or write (now is the time) and tell them what you plan to do. If enough of us get the word out, they will be there. They are NOT going to show if no one lets them know!

I will be doing a press release on this event on behalf of Florida Airboat Association. Give me some names, places to get it done.

Unfortunately I won't be able to make the run on the 27th but I'm going to throw my 2 cents worth in anyway. How many truck are you expecting? Camp Holly charges to use their ramp and parking is limited. The airboat club ramp is private as is the parking area in front of the clubhouse. I would hate to see anyones truck get towed by mistake. Lake Washington has a nice public airboat ramp and is centrally located to run North or South. Sarno road extension where the airboat races are held is also a centrally located public area with plenty of parking and is right off an I95 exit. You might even stick a few frogs in the Sarno marsh while your at it.
Hopefully we can all get together tonight at the chat and figure out exactly where the best place to put in will be.

Have we settled on 10am for a time?

here is two of the ramps
Great pix CCH. I can't wait for the run! Thanks to you and the mrs. for posting them.

How is your boat running with the new motor?

running great had some thing build a nest in the fuel line got that fixed yesterday went for a good ride today and got some good pictures of the area today posted most of them rick will have to post the rest we had some trouble with them

Is security an issue at the ramp area?

141 says he can bring his "gay cat" to guard the trucks while we ride if so!

Hey - the arrow is pointing the wrong way! Its SOUTHERN airboat... the arrow is supposed to point south. :lol:

I like that sign a lot! It looks better than any sign I would have made! Sometimes I can't even real my own handwriting!!! :oops: